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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Introduction: BEEHIVE, by Max Nightjar


Greetings friends, it's Magpie.

       I promised you a sneak peak at the new book coming out soon from KidSmart Books, titled: "Beehive" (one, of a collection of short stories, from Bugtime Adventures). I also wanted to introduce U to the five bees I mentioned the last time we met up.
     Rain has a question. She wants to know if this is another folktale?
  "The answer to that is we hope so. KidSmart Books hopes kids, parents and grands will remember to read KidSmart Books for years to come."


   " Bummer, did U know that Nimrod was the first humanz to be called a king in the history of the humanz world?" buzzed Badger.
      "Then I guess no one could ask for a better example of what a king should act like," hummed Bummer. Look at the size of that tower. It grows taller every time we come back to Shinar. I can't wait to see what Nimrod does next. I love bee watching him."
     "Well, it was the humanz idea. They made him king," whizzed Baldy.
     " That's right. They got to choose their king," hummed Blinky. He glanced at Badger sideways expecting him to defend Queen Bee Beatrice's sovereignty.

     " Did you know that after the great flood, Noah's three sons (Ham,Shem,and Japheth) and their wives, filled the earth with humanz. They thanked the COBB (creator of bees, birds, bugs, and beasts) everyday for sparing their lives, and for choozing them to live and to restore humanz existence on earth. They never forgot to thank the COBB for their daily bread. Or so the buzz goes."
      "You know bee boyz, I like the taste of bread. Tried it a few timez when they fed it to some birdz I met. Not bad in small pieces,"  hummed Blinky."
     "Who told U about the humanz Breeze?"
     " Oh, aah... about humanz..well... see in Governor Hornsbee's Buzz Chamber there are records. The bee boyz all focused on Breeze who was acting nervous. The Gov. likes studying humanz and other species. He keeps records of everything they do."
     " 'But as the generations passed away, so did the gratitude and appreciation. Many humanz became too busy and caught up in their daily livez, and forgot to thank the COBB for anything - including the food on their plates,'" whizzed Badger.
     "Seems like someone else has been sent to the Gov'z Buzz Chamber too bee-flect besidez just me." whizzed Breeze.
        "Did U know that some humanz buzzed that the COBB (creator of bees, birds, bugs,and beasts) didn't  exist or was dead. Humanz buzzed it. They believe the world would not be so awful if the COBB lived?" hummed Bummer smiling slyly. The bee-boyz all raised their wings and whizzed Bummer's head. "I guess they don't call us bothersome for nothing,"  buzzed Bummer.
        " 'Or if the COBB was a female, and a humanz female was born first, she would have asked for better instructionz,' " whizzed Breeze. The five bee-sons started whazzing each other, because they had all been  ordered to visit the Governor'z Buzz Chamber- which was like being in detention.
      "Nimrod, the great grandson of Noah, knowz the COBB exists," buzzed Badger. They all turned to watched Nimrod "Only he doesn't seem to care."
       "The COBB must have his back and approvez, becauze he hasn't stopped him. " whizzed Blinky. They stood quietly pondering Nimrod, as he  raised his hands, with his palms facing up, and asked the crowd of humanz, "Can we take this tower higher?"
     The crowd cheered and applauded Nimrod. "Yes!" they cried, "All the way up to heaven!"

   "A whizz!" hummed Bummer, as he slid down the dew drop petal slide. "Humanz look up to him, because of his many victories and conquests. He'z a brave leader and mighty hunter. That'z why they made Nimrod their first king. He was the best humanz for the job." Wooh!  whizzed Bummer
 as he raced to the edge of the petal slide. Watching Bummer smile brought a joy to them all. It was something the bee-boyz rarely saw him do.
     " I'm next, whined Breeze.

      "So whazz!" hummed Baldy. That's the humanz world. I'm tired of watching the humanz. Off to Beehive!  Let's get into our own bee biz buzz!"


KidSmart Books, is a subsidiary of the KidSmartFdn. Registered (TM) KidSmart, The Children's Workshop/Craftshop. Illustrations by A.McK.(P)2002-2011 Copyright(s) 2002-2011, Bugtime Adventures ( 2006), is a subsidiary of The Apple Annie Chronicles copyright 2002, GACM, Inc. All Rights Reserved. No part of this excerpt maybe recopied without the express written consent of the publisher.

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