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Thursday, March 7, 2013

From TATTLE TALES: Healing Hands, from, "The 7th Eclipse of Evie Eversoul", Book I

Greetings from Magpie,
 Well, we've been talking about our first book for the Tattle Tales series by KidSmart Book Publishing, and here is an excerpt of the e-book to be released in late April followed by the novel in early May, 2013. We welcome feed back. Like us on Twitter/FB/GR/linked In...and each month, we'll post bits and pieces from chapter I, titled Seven.

by Magpie


To Vivienne, a survivor, Makena, do the right thing girl & Rebecca, who is always crystal           clear.                                                                                 
 Copyright 2009-2013



ISBN: 978-0-9851194-1- 6


     A war broke out in heaven around 1914, when the only true God instructed the Arch Angel Michael to cast out the "fALLEN ONES" from amongst his myriad of angels. When the war ended, Michael had cast out one third of the disobedient angels once referred to as 'Evening Stars', who chose to disobey God and follow after Soretoe. They all landed in a place of dense darkness, called Tartarus, located near the rim of the earth's crust, to await the final battle at Megiddo.
     Jah took away most of their powers after they brazenly mated and reproduced with humans; released, bully, giants into the world called Nephilim. Generation after generation of their male off-spring grew shorter and less powerful, averaging only six to seven feet by the year 2017. As they assimilated into human society, more human than half spirit, most continued to serve Soretoe and traveled back and forth from the dense darkness of Tartarus into earth’s bright, sunny atmosphere. Some, but very few, of the younger giant immortals wanted to leave Tartarus altogether and were not loyal or supportive to the fallen society. Regrettably though, they often disappeared - never to be heard from again.
    In all, the bully Nephilim had orchestrated seven acts of, serious, disobedience against Yah's once perfect creation - now under the rulership of Soretoe. They destroyed all hope for a paradise on earth for Adam and Eve - the first human family, and Soretoe told the first lie. The Nephilim caused a deluge in Noah's day that lasted forty days and forty nights, which wiped out the whole human race, (except for eight people). Later, Soretoe tested Job, a friend of Yah's, unmercifully, before wiping out his whole family.
    Nephilim brought down the temple of Jerusalem, while committing acts of persecution against the Prophets, the twelve Apostles, and Christians living in the first century. Their tyranny began during the Egyptian Empire and continued into the Roman Empire, and escalated into the present day Dual World Empire. And of course, it was Soretoe who incited the enslaved Jews to revolt against the Romans,and that culminated in the bruising of Jesus in the heel. Seven different empires in all were affected by the Nephilim's dastardly deeds. They evoked fear amongst all the people, and very few humans mentioned their name above a whisper, when and if they spoke of them.
    So, in order to counter Soretoe's evil affect, Jah caused a "Rainbow" to appear in the sky whenever it rained or whenever he felt like it. The rainbow represented a covenant or promise with mankind that He would eventually do away with the Nephilim and rid the world of them, along with Soretoe, and Death. Now-a -days, every time humans see a rainbow they know that very soon the world will look around for them, and the Nephilim will be no more - not one seed of them. Even the Nephilim knew their time was short, so Soretoe diligently stepped up their evil attacks against humans. He even changed his focus, target, and tactics. Now his waves of terror were directed solely at the children of the world, Nephilim called them 'the Futures'.
     Day and night Soretoe searched for strong willed innocent Futures, and the most vulnerable adventure seekers of them all. From birth to twenty one, he pitted them against one another. Soretoe wanted them weakened and divided before the Nephilim, in Tartarus, faced off in a spiritual battle of warfare in the field of Megiddo. A battle they knew they could not win.

     One day, while roaming the earth and walking about in it, Soretoe encountered an overly zealous seventh grader, named Evie Eversoul, trying to do good deeds, helping her friends, and warning the world about Nephilim. Evie really aroused great anger in Soretoe. She made him crazy mad, in fact. He was so mad, that he desperately wanted to destroy her and all her good intentions, but Jah wouldn't let him. Fully aware that Evie Eversoul was different from the average girl living in the city of Faith, Soretoe set his plans in motion to sabotage and wreck every good deed she put into action.   Evie had a gift ...a gift beyond what was normal, and someday soon she would become Crystal Clear. On that unique day, she’d come to understand the purpose, and wisdom behind her special gift, and the meaning behind the last and final Seventh Eclipse.
     But for now, Evie was dealing with her looks, her wants, and her needs, in other words, me, myself, and I. Boys, the make up thing, the bra thing, the fashion thing, and the feeling thing were tops on her list. She had no idea that somebody called Soretoe was always lurking around in the shadows watching her every move and trying to turn everything she did into a disaster waiting to happen.

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