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Monday, October 7, 2013

From Tattle Tales and Kid Stuff: Introducing, Gumdrops, The Knock Offs, Goodie & Two Shoes, and High Heel Sneakers,

Say hello to
Gumdrops, who is all green and about to "I wonder why" himself into your world, with green ideas, and new stories, of course, about Tattle Tales he heard on the road. Gumdrops, is suited for ages 
1-5 years old.

Coming soon!

Meet the November Twins, 2013 original copyright 2003.

 "The Knock Offs", Goodie & Two Shoes,  the boy and girl slightly irregular twins who are slightly different in appearance. Almost like mismatched shoes. These Tattle Tale characters, for ages 6-10 year olds, are into the latest Kid Stuff: games, videos, and toys, but they also like stories and adventures, especially the tales they think up in their own shoes.

 Coming in December 2013

Meet the High Heel Sneakers Gang - some call Powder Puffs. These girls and boys live in a mansion with an eccentric millionaire lady by the name of Madame Puff. The one thing these teens and tweens have in common is their love for high heel sneakers and dressing down to casual. They like Tattle Tales about growing up and coming of age. From the age of 16 to 20, the PPGs are evolving into some Powerful futuristic Y and Z generations.

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