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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tattle Tales presents "Healing Hands" Chapter I, Excerpt


 One day, while roaming the earth and walking about in it, Soretoe encountered an overly zealous seventh grader named Evie Eversoul trying to do good deeds, helping her friends, and warning the world about Nephilim. She really aroused great anger in Soretoe. She made him crazy mad, in fact. He was so mad, that he desperately wanted to destroy her and all her good intentions, but Jah wouldn't let him.
   Fully aware that Evie Eversoul was different from the average girl living in the city of Faith, Soretoe set his plans in motion to sabotage and wreck every good deed she put into action. Evie had a gift ...a gift beyond what was normal, and someday soon she would become Crystal Clear. On that unique day, she’d come to understand the purpose, and wisdom behind her special gift, and the meaning behind the last and final Seventh Eclipse.
   But for now, Evie was dealing with her looks, her wants, and her needs, in other words, me, myself, and I. Boys, the make up thing, the bra thing, the fashion thing, and the feeling thing. She had no idea that somebody called Soretoe was always lurking around in the shadows watching her every move and trying to turn everything she did into a disaster waiting to happen.



   Popular and fiercely independent, thanks to her dad and Gran Muffin’s influence, Evie Eversoul was not your typical Christian girl. In fact, Evie wasn’t even a Christian yet, but she was in search of the truth - whatever that was. If she had been a thirteen year old Jewish girl, she would have celebrated her Bat Mitzvah, the right of passage, when a girl takes responsibility for her moral and religious conduct, only Evie wasn’t thirteen yet, either. She was a twelve year old black, girl with slanted eyes, nice full lips, and beautiful, golden chocolate skin. People thought she looked Chinese, an inherited trait that caused her much unwanted attention.
     It was the seventh day of school at the Arts and Science Junior Academy in the city of Faith. When she grew up, and went off to college, Evie planned on becoming a Pediatrician, who specialized in the treatment of childhood diseases. Things like asthma, obesity, allergies, and skin conditions, like eczema and acne, were high on her list of things to eradicate from a kids world, because lots of her friends had allergies, eating disorders, and skin conditions caused by stress, hormones, polluted air, and nervous energy, including members of her family.
   Evie’s favorite subjects were Biology, English, and lunch, and her nickname was "the Ripper", because everything she made or tried to make, (a dress, a skirt, or an apron), in Home Economics class, at some point, had to be ripped out , a hem, a seam, or the whole thing. Evie Eversoul was not very good at following other people’s patterns.
     Before leaving for school, on a crisp Monday morning; while sitting down to breakfast with her older sister Simone, Evie said, "You know Simone I like wearing a size seven shoe. It’s perfect for me. It even makes my legs look bigger. She stood up, pulled her pants leg up around her calf and pranced around Simone showing off her tiny feet. "I hate my legs though, there so skinny, especially my ankles. Don’t you think?" Simone shook her head, no, without commenting.
   "Any ways," said Evie, ignoring her, "I hope my feet never grow another inch. I don’t want to look like ‘boat feet Susan’ with skinny legs and big feet." Know what I mean?"
   "Of course not," said Simone. "Besides you’re still growing, Evie. Give your legs a chance to fill out, honey. You’re still blossoming and budding at this stage in your life."
   Sometimes Nina, Simone…sounded like "Old Mother Hubbard", to Evie or "Father Time" with such old timey notions. "I already knew that, Simone, but thanks anyways," said Evie. Nothing Simone said, convinced Evie she knew what she was talking about, anymore. Especially, since she turned seventeen. "Still," continued Evie, "I don’t want my feet to grow any bigger or my shoe size to change."
   "Well that came in loud and clear. Sometimes you sound like a broken record." Simone looked down at Evie’s petite feet and shook her head. "They probably won’t stay a size seven you know, and who in the world is 'boat feet Susan'? I don’t remember you ever mentioning her before."
   "Then I’ll just have to will them not to grow any bigger," barked Evie. She conveniently ignored Simone's question. "I’m perfectly satisfied with them this size." She pulled her shoes and socks off and stared down at her tiny feet, intensely. "Feet," she yelled, pointing with her finger, "You will not grow any bigger." She sounded quite adamant about it, and glared at them until her toes curled under. Even Nina Simone noticed the strong conviction in her voice and said nothing. "I forbid you!" Evie roared. She stared at them defiantly and never cracked a smile.
    Nina Simone snickered after a while and shook her head. Her flaming red ponytail flopped around, like a rope whenever she laughed. She even spurt very hot chocolate onto her sweater, when she took a sip. She immediately tried to sop it up with her napkin, but sweaters are like sponges when it comes to liquid spills.
    "Eat your oatmeal Evie," said Simone, jumping up and grabbing a dish towel. She wet it, and dabbed at the spot. "You win. I think your feet believe you." She chuckled, again, but Evie ignored her and kept at it...
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