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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

WHAT IF: Marketing Your Book for All the Right Age Groups

   What If you just finished your book and now you must figure out the best way to market that book and who your target audience should be. Chances are, if you look at the different Publishing Houses, you will find that they all have a different slant on what age group your book belongs in and who your target audience is. I just finished my screenplay/manuscript, and I realized something, very strange about this book
 This book, titled "Goodie Goodie Gumdrops" has a very broad audience. It is a graphic novel that can pass for a children's picture book, and the subject matter will attract an age group up to their teens and even YAs. That's quite a range and  stretch. I wouldn't know how to market such a book when my audience is six to twenty-six you say. Well look at it this way.
   Of course I could suggest, in my marketing spill, that the child reader read the book with a YA person or a parent. There's no profanity in the book so it's fine in that category, too. I know teens still love to skateboard, but haven't seen many twenty year old's skateboarding - I don't think. The book's subject matter is comical, so that will work for any age group. There's food for thought and funny situations that are addressed and need to be understood by a kids as well as adults, in the book, and so a young adult, person should find the book to be readable and entertaining for his /her age group.

     I wrote six and up on the front cover and  six to twenty-six on the back cover synopsis /profile for "GOODIE-GOODIE GUMDROPS". I also.wrote on the Consider page (Intro) about how it's subject matter would sway a broad audience, and a description that I hoped a lot of people - of different ages would relate to and find entertaining.. When the book comes out in December 2015  or late Ianuary 2016, let me know what you think.

     Now take a look at book cover A, because I've created three.Write a comment about the book covers, over the next three months, and whoever writes the best comment receives a free copy of the book when it comes out. 
    Hey  I'll free copy to the two best comments, for Book Cover A- B or C. Now answer my question.

Book Cover A:


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