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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

 Write the Children's Book You Want to Read To Your Children :  
 "Goodie Goodie Gumdrops, The Benefits Of Play" Book cover # 2

 (the Hook).

    When author Toni Morrison was asked  why her book "Song Of Solomon" won the Pulitzer Prize in fiction, and how she became such a prolific writer, she said, "Because I write the books I want to read." (indirect quote) Notice that she didn't say, I don't know, or do you really think so. She also said, Thank you. Here is an author who knows what she is doing and is comfortable with her craft.

     Just like the manuscript of a book is a work in progress, so is the book cover. The right book cover matters and can and does determine the reception  a well scripted book receives. For instance, did  you know that Smashwords requires that your book be uploaded with a DPI's of 1400 x 1200 or greater pixels (minimum)? According to book cover experts on Blurb, Amazon, and Create Space, among a few, book covers, sell  books along with the first chapter or first twenty pages of the first chapter.
     It's called the "hook" and the concept of the "HOOK" must work, because the last four book reviewers I sent a book  to for a review, all commented on being drawn into the story- line based on intriguing prose of the first TEN pages or more. They needed to know that the author knew his genre/ craft and the story-line well enough to write the story without reservations, lags,  and pauses in the premise. It's okay to daydream, it allows you to plan, pan, and sort out the kinks in your novel.
     So what we need to draw from that observation - as the author - is children want to be entertained as well as educated when they read a book, no matter what genre. They want to have fun, and  they want to be surprised by the plot and ultimate ending. They want to find it hard to put the book down - even after the call for Lights Out.
    The most important compliment to an author of children's literature is when a parent says, ' My child liked that book so much, I read it to them all the time, when they were growing up...over and over'. Another compliment is:' I had to buy another copy of ---, because my child wore the book out and the pages were falling apart'. That is the essence of a successful book and compliment  about a book you wrote, whether it was a best seller or not. So remember, take your time and write the book you want to read, over and over, again.
    They're are books called Classics that have never gone out of print once they were published, can you name a few?

Our target date for the release of  "G G Gumdrops, The Benefits of Play" is, late, December, 2015, in the e-book formats or late January, 2016.

Stay Tuned!
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