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Monday, December 19, 2011


KidSmart Books: POETRY FOR THE SOUL: "Poetry For The Soul" CELEBRATE Poet Joy Acey BLUE CANOE by Joy Acey I'd like to travel to the moon in a blue canoe. I'd paddle on t... KidSmart Books, is a subsidiary of the KidSmartFdn. Registered (TM) KidSmart, The Children's Workshop/Craftshop,1985. Illustrations by T.McK.(P)2002-2011 Copyright(s)2002-2011, GACM, Inc. Antoinette McKain,CCO Disclosure in accordance with FTC, 16 CFR, part255. All books are obtained for the sole purpose of providing a book review. All Rights Reserved.


"Poetry For The Soul"  CELEBRATE   Poet Joy Acey

by Joy Acey
I'd like to travel to the moon
in a blue canoe.
I'd paddle on the milky way         
that's just what I would do.
I'd mail you home post cards
to show you where I'd been.
I'll ask you to try paddling
when I come again.


by Joy Acey

Doctor, Doctor                                                   
Please come quick.
My toes won't wiggle                            
I think I'm sick.
Doctor comes
Looks at my toes.
Says, “Lop them off.”
And away he goes.

Doctor, Doctor
Please come, I beg.
I think I may                                  
Have broken my leg.

Doctor comes
Looks at my leg,
Says, “Lop it off,
We'll give you a peg.”

Doctor, Doctor                                
Don't mean to whine,
But I think I may
Have broken my spine.
Doctor comes.
Looks at my spine.
Says, “Lop it off,
Then all will be fine.”                        

Doctor, Doctor.
I'm sick in bed.
I think I may
Have broken my head.
Doctor comes,
Looks at my head.
Says, “Lop it off.”
And now I'm dead.

       There are many shared beliefs about  poetry that are far from the truth and don't ring true.
Boys think poetry is better suited for girls, like math and history is easier to comprehend by boys than girls
That's not true either. Walt Whitman where are you?

      The first time I read  I Rise by Maya Angelou,  I immediately thought of basketball and Michael Jordan's Air Nikes. I also read altitude and Attitude into it.

Another myth about poetry is it's hard to understand especially non rhyming verse, and it's hard to write.
 Good prose is deep prose, be it fiction or poetry,  because ultimately it is the telling of a tale, of history, of characters, and it has meaning.
       Poetry is an art form that is also found in the Bible : Song Of Solomon a young Jewish girls commitment to her one  true love, and  the author is  male, King Solomon.
The book of Psalms by King David is also the largest book in the Bible, and  all verse. It is a poetic celebration of  discovery and  praise of  Gods love -- through music.
So, open up your mind and your heart to receive the pearl from the oyster. 

 Poetry comes to us in many ways, as a lesson or just  for fun. It's a song with ideas and possibilities. Sometimes it rhymes and sometimes it doesn't
 It's an adventure with a story to tell. Its an ODE to a lesson, but most of all it is a talent that few possess because not enough of us seek to find it in ourselves.        CELEBRATE THE POET.


KidSmart Books, is a subsidiary of the KidSmart Fdn. Registered (TM) KidSmart,
The Children's Workshop/Craftshop, 1985. Illustrations by T.McK.(P) 2002-2011 Copyright(s)2002-2011, GACM, Inc. Antoinette McKain,  CCO Disclosure in accordance with FTC, 16 CFR, part255. All books are obtained for the sole purpose of providing a book review. All Rights Reserved.

Friday, October 21, 2011

The 7th Eclipse Evie Eversoule, Chapter II : Space Cadet by Toni McKain

Proverbs 24:16
For the righteous one may fall (even) seven times, and he will certainly get up...


The Space Cadet

      “Knock! Knock!"   
      "Whose there?"
      " Excuse me space cadet, but did you hear about the boy who was arrested for stealing the pig?"
      " How did he get caught?"
      "The pig squealed?  
      Joseph Armstrong searched Evie Eversoule's face suspiciously as she snapped back from her trance. He was surprised at how quickly she slid back into a conscious, coherent response and her eyes were wide open during the entire transference.

      When Evie came to her beta senses and answered him so spontaneously, she started to realize that drifting off into outer space was turning into a habit. She actually heard and saw him at the alpha level, and that wasn't suppose to happen. Joseph kept flailing his arms and waving his hands in front of her face, as Evie slowly transferred back from her meditative day dream. She'd been bobbing in and out of alpha, all morning, and lately, she did it without her biofeedback tapes. Her mind was advancing and it all seemed too easy.
       Even her sense of smell changed from the essential oil scent of patchouli - that she wore all the time - to Eucalyptus musk. Maybe I wasn't in alpha, thought Evie. Could I have stumbled into the elusive theta level while standing on my feet. I can't wait to tell Gran Muffin. That's a major break through for me.
     Ever since this morning, when she tried to cure Tossy's allergies
in the bathroom, she felt like she was floating in space without boundaries, obstacles or a Mary Poppins's umbrella.
      "Do I look as embarrassed as I feel. Caught in the act?" She  smiled rigidly waiting for an answer or acceptance. She was weird sometimes, and he actually caught her in the act of weirdness without running away.
      "Hey don't mind me," said Joseph, apologetically. "I have my moments too. You'd be shocked, maybe. The places I go can be far out, but I'm open minded. That wasn't a judgement call. Blame it on the monthly or...." He stopped immediately, as a dark expression seemed to travel across Evie's face like the look on the face of a serpent before it strikes. Joseph knew a lot about snakes and critters, and he recognized a bad vibe from an overworked cliche' when he saw one. He wished he hadn't said it even better...could take it back. He always went too too familiar...much too fast. "Scare them off why don't you." he whispered diaapprovingly.
      " I hope you're not trying to imply that my hormones are controlling my (girl) emotions. Everyone day-dreams once and awhile, you know. The 'hysterical female' and 'the curse of the monthly' has played out to. As far as I'm concerned, Joseph, there nothing but tired, dead, stereotypes." Evie's voice rose just enough to let him hear the wrath of irritation in her voice.
     "Did I mention anything about hormones?" Joseph went into defensive mode as he stepped closer to Evie. " He bent down close
to her ear. "Sometimes it just doesn't come out right." He touched her cold, stiff, shoulder, warmly, but it didn't melt. "I mean, sometimes, what you meant to say and what you say can be two different things. Maybe I should just shut my trap all together." He stepped back from her and started setting up the experiment.
     "Maybe you should," she agreed.
       Evie cleared her throat, and started organizing the lab utensils
on the gray and white marble counter, on her side, according to their size even though it wasn't necessary. Nervous, she tried to calm down and act as if nothing was wrong or unusual. She'd been in a state all morning (ever since trying to cure Tossy's  allergies) and anything might set her off when she was like this. She decided to go to her place and chill - a place that took her back to her seventh birthday. 
     Gran Muffin had warned her to pick her battles carefully and keep a low profile. But Evie was feeling overly confident today,
 and her ego took over. She found herself reminiscing about the
first time she performed PK or psych-kinesis unexpectedly in a fit of anger.
     On punishment, and in her room on the fourth of July, angry
Evie hurled the fork out of her bedroom window with her willful mind - on the first try. It was easy. Only, the fork wound up landing on her dad's head below - stabbing him - as he mowed the lawn.  Later, Evie had trouble explaining how it all happened and convincing him that it wasn't done intentionally.
"No sir, I did not try to spear you in the head." she exclaimed. Good thing he was wearing his, "So What" cap at the time. Because the cap saved him from a scar and the penetration of the prong into his skin. 
     "Oh really, exclaimed her dad, then explain your actions young lady. Don't tell me it just floated off your dresser and out the window." said Mr. Eversoule."
      Evie was sure she might be sentenced to '30 lashes with a wet noodle', there father-daughter joke, but her dad didn't have a trace
of a smile on his face. He looked at her like he didn't recognize her, and Evie felt very alone and remorseful. Later that year, when he died, Evie learned what real pain felt like. She missed his sounds, his voice, and the hum of his lawn mower. She realized that everytime  she found herself grounded in her room, she deserved it, and her dad was right and fair.
      Then there was the time she answered the English teacher's question in class when it wasn't her group. She actually read the pages in B group's book, while her A group was solving  multiplication problems. Only problem was, Evie answered without
a book in her hand and she answered the question - out loud. Mrs. Scott gasped in horror, and Evie wound up staying after class to explain that phenomena - even though she answered the question correctly. 
      " Pride comes before the fall," said Gran Muffin. "Stop exposing yourself like that," she warned. "You must keep a low profile." Self control was a hard pill to swallow for Evie. In fact, self
control was Evie's biggest challenge. Gran Muffin was right. It required a lot of discipline to avoid becoming someones lab rat.
     "Why don't you just ask and stop asking for permission Joseph,"
said Evie. "Ask away."
      "I'm not trying to be funny or nothin, but it's a dumb question. I'm emphasising the dumb, lab partner?"
      " Ask away, but like I said"... Evie repeated her warning"
      " Yea, I know - you might not answer."

       Dear Diary: On Monday, September 14, Evie Eversoule met this hand-some boy named Joseph Armstrong - with a wall of hair - for the first time. It was the seventh day of school in Biology
lab class and the third period. He was a sophomore, and she was a seventh grader…freshman, at the Arts & Science Junior Academy in the city of Faith. That’s exactly what Evie planned to write in her diary later tonight, when everyone was asleep and couldn’t interrupt her thoughts. “By the way, do you prefer Joe or Joseph?”
      Joe felt awkward around Evie, though he tried to make light
 of it. He thought Evie hadn‘t heard him at first. She seemed to
 time travel light years away in her thoughts. "I tend to answer to both. It doesn't really matter to me as long as you don't call me late
to dinner." He looked away in the opposite direction, because what he meant to say didn't come out right.
     " I think I prefer calling you Joseph."
     "I meant don't call me late for dinner."
     " I know I heard you," said Evie. You screwed it up 
     He laughed nervously because he blew it.
     "You're not very good at telling jokes are you...forget the punch line, did you?
      " Never...I never forget the punch line. I have trouble pulling it off. I'm dyslexic - a klutz with words. I have a speech impediment. Tongue tied. That's how my mother puts it. It sounds better...she thinks. She explains it then laughs it off."
      " If you hadn't told me, I'd never notice. You have a lot of labels for it. What's up with that?"
      "You think?"
       Evie nodded her head when she really wanted to say it was all right. What Joseph didn’t know was, his deep voice and flamboyant mannerism mesmerized her, and the I’m sure way he talked about things - with his head tilted to the side- made him the most endearing boy interest on Evie’s list. No boy alive had instantly affected her
 that way. She also liked the deep, mysterious, wide set eyes, and thick black brows that rose and fell expressively whenever he looked puzzled.
     “So…you mean you wouldn’t help a guy out if he needed an answer to his question and he was dyslexic?”
      Evie was convinced the dimple that popped out of his right cheek just then was a trap.  He used it quite often when he spoke. Evie was sure someone planted it there on purpose to taunt her. Joseph turned fourteen in January - eight month’s before her thirteenth birthday. Being the lab assistant had it’s perks when she needed personal information on someone. She also liked the fact that he was little bossy in a take charge sort of boyish way and sort of manipulative.
        Evie smiled back at him and her mouth hung open, just a little, like Geneva Sage’s whenever she looked in the eyes of her (jock) boyfriend, Maynard Henderson. Evie always thought, 9th grader, Geneva always looked smitten.  Now she had the same dim-witted expression on her face. Speechless, she desperately felt a need to speak and searched her brain for something clever to say. Nothing happened though. So she just stood there looking dumber like a witless wonder with a space cadet grin - with her lips parted and her tongue dry as a bone. She was totally floored by sophmore.
       Then she remembered. He asked her a question. Finally something triggered her brain after 30 seconds or more, and she swallowed what might have turned into drool running down her sweater. “Of course.  I’d help you if you were really desperate and struggling for an answer,” she managed to say with a slur.
       “Yah know, I get the feeling we’re on some kind of time delay when I speak to you, Evie. Do you, think I'm hard to talk to or something?"
      “No of course not,” said Evie straightening her back. She knew she was acting creepy, and she needed to reign in on her uncontrollable emotions. “Why’d you say that, Joseph... Is it all right to call you Joseph?”
      Joseph shrugged, “So what else, would you call me? Didn't we cover that already?” He smirked.
      Evie thought of a lot of things she might call him, but they were all much too cozy to mention: sweetie pie, darling, handsome hunk all came to mind. He was definitely all of those. A horse of a different color - he even cared about how he came across to a girl. She couldn’t wait to tell Gran Muffin how smitten, by him, she truly was. Sure glad we only have one class together, though, she surmised. He's too distracting to me in a charming sort of way.  
      “I got to ask yaw, I know it’s none of my business.” Joseph persisted. He intended to get his question asked and answered no matter what, or how long it took.
       "Yaw, know, I think it's great how you act so at ease around girls," said Evie - interrupting his question. "It's so refreshing and something different for junior high boys. They always act like girls are alien air benders chasing them or shooting them down."
       " No kidding? ...Wow, that's deep," said Joseph. " I never knew girls thought that. What kind of air bender are you?"
       "Well according to my friend Tossy her boy friend, Nicolas McGuire, broke up with her because he said she wasn't giving him enough room to breathe." So I guess that means she's an air sucking air bender."
       Joseph nodded and then scratched his head. What exactly did
 he mean by that? She was sucking up all the air in his space, or crowding him...or suffocating him, you think?"
      "I don't know," said Evie. "I wasn't there, but according to his father’s diagnosis, Tossy was sapping his air - too controlling. An
air sucking creature with eyes he called her.
      "Oh. So how did his dad know?" 
Evie hunched her shoulders. "According to Tossy, with her allergies, and constant stuffy nose, she was barely breathing in enough air herself. She didn't bother to ask, I don't think."
       " Joseph howled as he bent over in laughter. "Evie you're so funny. A natural comedienne. You say the darndest things. What a sense of humor you have."
       "Yaw think. Why thanks," said Evie smiling sarcastically. I'll take that as a compliment.  I 'm certainly glad your breathing is perfectly normal. You don't  seem to be gasping for air or trying to steal it back from me."
     "Sure glad I didn't feel you sucking any air out of my nostrils or windpipe."  Joseph chuckled and looked amused. "You just never know about (birds of a feather) bff's who stick together. You and Tossy good friends.?"
      "BFF number two. By the way, bff doesn't stand for 'birds of a feather'. It stands for best friend for life.
       Joseph nodded "Then I better be careful. He started easing away from Evie as if he was afraid. "Funny, I never felt that way about a girl before. But, all guys don't think the same or feel the same about girls or anything else. We're all shapes and sizes, and we all have different opinions, yaw know."
         For Evie, that’s what was both strange and wonderful about him.
 He reminded Evie of some one she’d seen or met, before or maybe it was just wishful thinking. She knew she hadn’t actually met him in elementary school or at summer camp, but she had met him before. She decided to let it go for now. Eventually  total recall would kick
in when she didn't expect it or force it.
   Everyone, except her two closest friends, were strangers in this international academy. That's what drew her to this magnet school in the first place. New people and new experiences were a good
thing. She never forgot a face only the names escaped her. She was terrible when it came to that.
        “Okay, ask away," said Evie jokingly. "I’m not promising I’ll give you the answer you're looking for but do get it off your chest.”
       He looked up and smiled and the deep tanned dimple popped out of his left cheek, again. How did he know she was a softy for dimples.
       “Yeah…I know…I heard you,” he said riled.
       The high mound of tight black curly hair that stood straight up like a wall was a different look than the rest of the boys who cut their hair close or wore shaved bald heads. Their were no piercings, or earrings on the right or left lobeand no hidden tattoos that she could see, yet. Being different and undecorated didn‘t seen to bother Joseph at all.
      “The eyes…what’s up with the Asian eyes?” asked Joseph reluctantly.
       Evie laughed. “Is that all? I know what you mean," she said cryptically. "Did you know that before the great flood, in the Bible, the continents of Asia and Africa were all one continent." She raised her hands palms up. Go figure. She lit the Bunsen Burner and pulled the days assignment out of her bag. Maybe I'm mixed
       "Highly possible I'd say, looking at you." said Joseph.."I think we're all mixed."
       "So, you ready for this?" She scanned the lab instructions.
"Now that I answered your oh so pressing question? I really hate
labs on blue Monday and Fridays. Any other day works for me
but those."
      "Ready for what?”
      “The lab experiment on coffee and caffeine, dummy."

       "Where are we? asked Evie jokingly. She started looking around. "Oh, yea...this is class, right?" 
      Joseph snatched the paper from her out-stretched hand. “We’re going to extract the caffeine from these coffee beans - right?  When we’re done we’ll melt it down…. I mean burn off the liquid and
 melt it down to a white crystal like powdery substance…Caffeine
 is white - according to these… instructions.” Joseph placed the coffee beans, and coffee flakes in two separate water-based glass beakers, then put fire retardant gloves on. I'm disappointed. Thought this was an AI class for biological robotics. I guess I signed up for the wrong course. I must have read it wrong.”
      “It is, but first we have to do these experiments," said Evie.

Mr. Wade said there’s a correlation between the two. Ask him why don't you”
      “These gloves are too big - in -the- way. Their too clumsy to work with.” He handed the gloves to Evie to inspect.
       She stared at the gloves then at him. “What?” He snatched the gloves out of her hand and put the gloves back on.
       “Check,” said Evie, "Now what do we do first?”
       Joseph pulled the gloves off again. "Their too clumsy,” he said tossing them aside. He looked annoyed like the imp in her cousin Tomaso’s poster. “Technically you don’t use gloves when you cook at the stove. Right?”
       “No, but Mr. Wade uses the gloves for science class.” It’s required. A safety issue.”

       Joseph looked annoyed, and the rest of the class started to murmur.. Everyone was mumbling. "Technically, they don’t fit, and
 I could get burnt, because there too big. So I’m not using gloves, okay. It’s a bigger safety issue, too me. You can do what you want.”
      " I usually do...." I ordered...."  
      “Calm down people,” said Mr. Wade walking up from behind. “What’s the problem?”
      When Evie turned around to answer him, Joseph eased in front of her. “No problem sir," he stammered …"Well technically, that’s not true. There is... It’s just that the gloves are too big and awkward. We’re having problems holding the beaker-flasks steady, sir. Like working with all thumbs. Look the paddings too thick.” He crossed his arms and kept nodding his head as Mr Wade examined the gloves.
       Evie grimaced as she stood behind Joseph staring at his head bob up and down and the basketball image on the back of his shirt, and so did Mr. Wade, as he examined the gloves. Joseph totally blocked her view, and Evie noticed he didn't seem to have any trouble expressing himself from what she heard . There was no lisp or speech impediment or trouble with his speech that she'd heard so far. She side stepped him, and watched as Mr. Wade continued examining the gloves. He flipped them over then back.
       “I see...” He tried them on his hands. "Not good. You know Armstrong, I think those people at Bard sent us adult, male, construction gloves and they're much too balky for lab.. They could be disastrous." He turned to look at the rest of the class. "People! How many of you think these gloves are two big for your hands?” Every seventh and eight grader in the lab, twenty in all, raised their hands - male and female. Then the chatter stopped.
       "All right than," said Mr. Wade…change in plans. We’ll have
 to forgo the lab experiment today." He shook his head and fingered the gloves, again. "It's a safety issue."
The students grumbled and moaned as they turned the Bunsen Burners off. “What about the experiment?” asked a kid named
Masey. “I wanted to see what caffeine really looks like.”
       "No he doesn't," Evie whispered. "Masey hates lab. The phony."
      “Well, it all comes down to white powder. However, we don’t want spills or accidents. Now turn off your Bunsens and meet me
out in the hall. Make sure you put all your equipment back in the drawers and straighten up your area. Make it look like before you entered, please. We’ll have to double up or stay after school one
day this week. Each lab must be completed for mid- terms and
finals. I assure you they will be done or no AI.” Everyone started
 to moan or murmur, again. Drawers slammed shut and lab utensils clanked.
      " Mr. Wade turned back to Joseph, “Thanks Armstrong. There could have been a disaster in here, if you hadn’t pointed it out. Evie Eversoule front and center!”
       Evie was expecting him to say something to her, but she still startled and jumped when he called her name. “Yes, Mr. Wade.” Evie stepped forward and the whole class focused on her.
       “As Lab Assistant, it's your responsibility to check out the supply orders after delivery, and to  make sure everything is ready for class. Yours and Palmer’s, I believe.” Mr. Wade looked around for him. "What happened?"
         "I do the lab tops and Evie does the drawers,” called Palmer
from across the room. “That’s what we agreed on.” He slew
 footed his way across the room and squeaked his sneakers as he moved towards the science teacher. His freckles stood out between the red hairs on his arms, and there were patches of red hives dotting the exposed skin of his neck. His cheeks flushed like he wore rouge or painted them red. Palmer reacted to everything. His neck was covered with pinkish blotches down into his chest and beyond by the time he reached Mr. Wade. 
        “So-o, who ordered the over sized gloves? Do I dare ask?” asked Mr. Wade.
     “Evie again,” said Palmer breathing a deep sigh of relief. “I’m a terrible speller.”
       Mr. Wade lifted his eyes up to heaven and sucked in a gob of air. “Okay, perhaps my assistants need an assistant, I reckon. This day is shot,” We’re suppose to start building robots next week people,” he announced. “Armstrong, how would you like to help them out by being the check-mate guy on the team? He didn't bother to look at Evie. Since you and Evie are lab partners this semester,
 that shouldn’t be a problem. You’re already working together I assume.”
       Evie knew it was meant to be an official order "A Dig" at Evie, and it was set in stone. It would also affect her stipend. Mr. Wade didn’t even bother to wait for an answer from Joseph. "Armstrong's your new check mate, Evie,” he announced. “Please… please …please do a check and balance so this semester runs smoothly and
no accidents occur. Because, I'm a no accidents kind of guy. Now reorder the gloves immediately and give the invoice to Ms. Harper. Armstrong, you go with her to make sure she gets it done right.” He tried to lower his voice to a whisper, but Mr Wade whispered, much too loudly.
     Joseph hunched his shoulders humbly, and Evie bit and gnawed her lip in disgust, as she silently questioned whether Joseph Armstrong really was humble pie. He seemed to enjoy his 14 minutes of fame and adulation. He was grinning and showing all 42 or was
it 32 pearly whites from ear to ear.
      "I’m really sorry Mr. Wade …I."
       He waved his hand at Evie and finished her sentence. "I know. You don't know how it happened." He repeated his dismay
as he walked away unconsoled. “Don’t know how it happened…yes I know.
      Evie sighed and sucked her tongue. Joseph stood next to her, quiet as a mouse.
      "One thing for sure class, this day is shot, and we must find a
 day to make it up. I just hope this is not ‘the shape of things to come’ this term young lady."
     “So there it is,” said Evie in an undertone. "I’m to blame It's my fault. No way did I order these gloves." She tried to retrace her steps from last week, but was too upset to recall what she signed for. No way was it these large utility construction gloves, but the invoice in her drawer said differently. It was her signature, too. She couldn't deny it.”
      As she straightened her lab site she vowed that no one would blame her for any more mistakes. She chastised herself, and wished she could go back and fix it. She felt stressed out and confused because she knew what she was doing and didn't want to jeopardize the stipend, she received as a lab assistant.  By her senior year she could pay the first years tuition at the medical school,
where she'd be accepted. It was a major factor in her future plans. 
      When Joseph approached her, Evie exploded inside.
      “You okay?” he asked. “I tried to protect you from…”
      Evie didn’t bother to look up but kept writing. “Protect me! Do I need you to protect me. I’m so incompetent…Why do you care?” she barked as she gathered her things. “Here…take it." She thrust the invoice into his chest. “Make sure this gets to Ms. Harper, Checker. I don’t think I’m capable of delivering it myself.”
     “Whoa! Wait a minute, countered Joseph. “I didn’t mean any harm….”Evie ran out of the lab and down the steps. She was sure everyone in school - especially middle school - knew about her near
 fatal foible by now. She could almost see the headlines in the schools weekly "Tattler": Did you hear about that Evie E. the seventh grader? Well, guess what she did that was dumb and dangerous…! They’ll probably even misspell my name, thought Evie as she charged down the steps
     I think I'll by pass lunch today thought Evie. I'm gaining entirely too much weight, and the waist band on my favorite jeans and pleated skirt felt tight - even after my menses was over last week. I could afford to miss a meal. No way am I going to buy 'chunky' jeans with elastic waist bands at my age. "I hate lab on Mondays," mumbled Evie. "Blue Monday."
      She barrelled down the steps like a young woman on the edge of hysteria as tears formed in the inner canthus of her oval shaped, chestnut eyes. 

* Next week, we'll present the graphics for chapters one and two and discuss the scenes and character development for Chapter II at
Join us,KidSmart Books, is a subsidiary of the KidSmartFdn. Registered (TM) KidSmart, The Children's Workshop/Craftshop,1985. Illustrations by T.McK.(P)2002-2011 Copyright(s)2002-2011, GACM, Inc. Antoinette McKain,CCO Disclosure in accordance with FTC, 16 CFR, part255. All books are obtained for the sole purpose of providing a book review. All Rights Reserved.

      “I usually do. I don’t need you to tell me that,” snapped Evie. She wondered why she suddenly became annoyed at him. He was turning these gloves into a spectacle and a debate.

Saturday, October 1, 2011




                 Doing The Righteous Thing

     When the war in heaven ended God instructed the Archangel Michael to cast out 1/3rd of his myriad of angels who chose to disobey Him and follow after Satan. They were thrown down to a  place called Tartarus near the rim of the earths crust.Woe to the earth!
      By then Satan had told the first lie, destroyed Paradise on earth for humans, tested Job (unmercifully) and wiped out his family. He’d filled the earth with bully giants called Nephilims ( during Noah’s day), participated in the brutal death of Jesus Christ (a non fatal symbolic bruising in the heal), committed acts of persecution against the Prophets, Israelites, and first century Christians from the Egyptian to the Roman Empire - eventually 7 different Empires in all would be affected.
     Oh yes, around 320 AD, Satan convinced a group of 50 Bishops from the Nicaea
Council - under Constantine (the first Christian Roman Emperor) - to confuse everybody and introduce a belief in the Trinity. In all, 7 major acts of disobedience directed  toward God, were committed before the 7th and final empire was established. The one made up of a dual world empire depicted as a beast with two heads.
    Alas, jealous, disobedient Satan and his demonic reign of terror would end when he was finally bruised in the head - a fatal wound - and only God knew when that would occur. Good Riddance!
      In the meantime, Satan set his sites on a young girl named Evie Eversoule who tried to be a  'do gooder'. He'd told his demon followers to search out and eclipse (block) anyone attempting to act like a Christian should. "Lie on them 7 times, steal their property and ID, hack their computers, tap their phones; destroy their good names , tell people their crazy, lie on them, stalk them."
     Satan practiced his wave of terror on humans day and night before he stumbled upon overly zealous, goody-two shoes, Evie Eversoule. Because she was different than the average bear living
in the city of Faith, she stuck out like a sore thumb. She woke up every morning with one thing on her mind: 'to do the righteous thing'.  There was also the fact that Evie had a special gift and a desire beyond what was normal, and that caused Satan to want to eclipse her every chance he got.

Chapter I

Healing Hands 

    Popular and fiercely independent, thanks to her dad and Gran Muffin’s influence, Evie Eversoule was not your typical Christian.
In fact, she wasn’t even a Christian yet, but she was in search of the truth - whatever that was. At twelve years of age, if she had been a Jewish girl or boy, like her buddy Rivcah, it would have been her bar or bat mitzvah. Only, she wasn’t Jewish, either. She was a black girl with slanted eyes, nice full lips, thick black brows, and golden chocolate skin with a hint of natural rouge on her cheeks. Some people thought she looked Chinese a little - a paternal inheritance
 that caused her much unwanted attention.
       Before she left for school on Monday morning Evie looked down at her size seven red suede shoes and told her older sister
Simone, “You know I like wearing a size seven shoe. It’s perfect for me. They even make my legs look bigger. I hate my legs though, they're so skinny - especially my ankles. I hope my feet never grow another inch. I don’t want to look like 'boat feet Betty' with skinny legs and big feet. Know what I mean?”
     "I don't think you have skinny legs. Certainly not," said Simone  smiling cheerfully. "Besides you’re still growing, Evie. Give your legs a chance to develop. After all, your just blossoming and filling out at this stage in your life. She looked down at Evie's petite feet. “They probably won’t stay a size seven you know, and who in the world is 'boat feet Betty'? I don’t think I ever heard you mention her before.”

  “Then I’ll just have to will them not to grow any bigger.” said Evie sighing. “I’m perfectly satisfied with them this size.” She pulled 
her socks off and stared down at her lotioned down nicely shaped feet and burgundy polished toenails and focused. “Feet, you will not grow any larger,” she said, adamantly. "I forbid it!" She stared intently at them until her toes curled. “But, if you must grow than only a quarter inch more. Not past seven and a half inches, okay? Please! I like this shoe size, and it’s perfect for me.” She added an "Amen" and put her socks back on. 
     Simone laughed as she sipped her chocolate. “Evie, you’re such
a comedian. I don’t know what to say about you. Such a sense of humor. My goodness."
     “I’m not trying to be funny, Simone. I meant it.” said Evie emphatically.
     “Yeah, I’m sure you do" said Simone. Just don’t expect it not
to happen."   
    “But I do expect it not to happen,” said Evie. "Otherwise I
wouldn’t have made it a command."
     Evie scowled like only Evie could. She dipped the spoon into the oatmeal and scooped up a blob of it. "Whoever thought of eating
 this stuff was sick-o. It’s awful, bland, thick, and no taste."    
    "It's suppose to be good for you." said Simone.
    " Really! I don't know why...who said so?" countered Evie.

    “That’s my girl,” said Gran Muffin standing behind her. Evie always thought Gran Muffin seemed to float in and out of a room like lavender - fragranced air"Don’t just settle for anything. When you want change make it happen…"  She stood there smiling in her purple-fuscia jogging suit. “Believe it will happen and it will!. Take care of your feet, Evie, and they will take care of you, baby. When the buses, trains, and planes aren’t running…your feet will take you there. That’s my motto." She raised her support stockinette leg to reveal her Easy Sprint Sneakers for seniors. "I’m dressed for success girlfriend,” she announced.
     “Breakfast Gran Muffin?" asked Simone - raising a plate of raisin toast, We were discussing oatmeal, Gran Muffin. I thought you were going to jaunt after your doctors visit?"
    Gran Muffin waved her hand over the plate as if she would cause it to disappear. She smiled angelically and skipped out the door. “I’ll eat it later. I need to get the kinks out first. I feel vibrant and alive today, and I want to soar!"
     “Gran Muffin always inspires me,” said Evie smiling and turning to face Simone. She said the average human only uses 25-30% of their brain. She says we miss out on so much when we limit our-selves and don't explore the possibilities. She thinks right brain people...”

     “Don't tell me anymore, Evie!" Simone threw her hands up and looked away. "Yes, she says a lot, and has an opinion about everything. I
say eat your oatmeal, and don’t be late for a very important date." She pointed at the wall clock. "Homeroom class starts in thirty minutes Evie. Get a move on.”
     Simone’s familiar frown said it all. Sometimes the freckles on her face and arms would even rise up off her skin like chilly bumps. Her and Gran Muffin had issues. Evie also,thought perhaps Simone was jealous of her deep affection for Gran Muffin, too. They were practically number one fans of each other.
     “So what’s wrong with that?” asked Evie defensively. Look at
 her she's in tip-top shape for her age.”
     “Gran Muffin has always been in tip-top shape for her age Evie, but that’s not what I’m talking about. Besides, you don’t have time
to hear it.” Simone pointed at the clock, again.
     “Yes I know… but why so defensive when Gran Muffin comes up?
 I 'm sick of...”
     “Not defensive," said Simone interrupting. "Just that, you think her words are golden, and everything she does is inspired of God. She
is not the saint you think she is. I know..." Her words trailed off.
     “Oh yeah, well you are defensive…wait a minute…what are you talking about, Simone? Everything is such a mystery with you...secrets...hush-hush!”
     “Get your shoes on and move it young lady. We can discuss her later. The frown turned into a bigger frown, and three severe lines creased Simone’s forehead. Evie felt there was definitely a toxic 
issue between Simone, and Gran Muffin, but whenever Evie tried to get to the bottom of it - Gran Muffin went mute, and Simone pushed the exit button.
   Evie darted up the steps to check out her hair and lipstick before
she left for school. She especially liked her image in her bedroom mirror. She didn’t look as good in the bathroom mirror at school, she thought. That mirror was cloudy and permanently smeared from too much hair spray, sweaty hands, and makeup splatter. She could see her whole body in her bedroom mirror.
     When Evie turned twelve, her dress size was also a 7, and
she was 5 feet 7 inches tall. Perfect for her and nothing needed to change as far as she was concerned. She smiled back at her image. "Thank you very much," she said out loud. “I’ll keep these dimensions, no need to grow me any taller, or change my dress size. By the way God, I wouldn't object to you turning theses lemons into grapefruits...if you know what I mean - but thy will be done on that one.”
 She waved at herself, and smiled widely to check her teeth for oatmeal residue. It occurred to her that maybe she over did it again, and used too much mascara when  Simone wasn't watching, because now she looked like an owl with smeared eye shadow. "Maybe she ought to take some of it off, but she was late.
     The girl in the mirror who smiled back at her looked a lot older than twelve, and was not her spitting image. Infact, when she waved back at herself, the girl in the mirrors arm was a lot higher than Evies. She didn't have time to question it or even fear it, and she decided she wouldn't look back like Lot's wife did and turn into a pillar of salt or something. She just hoped she could make it out of the house before Simone came out of the kitchen. She took off down the stairs. A biology lover, Evie's favorite subjects were English, Biology and lunch.
     “Have a great day,” called Simone from the kitchen.
     “Ditto,” called Evie as she burst through the screen door onto the front porch with her back pack. “Boy it’s humid, no need for a sweater, and
summer isn’t over yet. Yeah!” she screeched - as she tossed her sweater onto the front porch swing. She bounced down the 7 steps on her toes and crossed the street at the corner of Hope Avenue, just as her second BFF, Tossy Wortham, stumbled out her front door.
     “Look at my nose, would yaw.” Tossy had sniffles, sounded like a crow, and kept
 sucking up snot from her nasal passages and gurgling. She spit it out in the lawn. "I'm ruined. It’s all red and swollen and my eyes keep tearing. I look like the 'Bad-year Blimp'.”
     “It looks like it weighs a ton, red, swollen. Does it hurt?” asked Evie - reaching
to touch her nose. What's that on the side of your nose? Looks green."
     “No-o-o! Don’t touch it,” squealed Tossy. "It’s sore as can be.
As soon as the rains come and the leaves start to fall and decay on the ground, my allergies kick right in. Misery is my middle name
 until winter comes.” She sighed then sneezed a thick blob of mucous-goo into a wad of tissues.
      "Maybe I can cure you," said Evie moving closer. "If I lay my hands on it. Today, I even forbid my... my feet to grow any bigger."
     Evie was sorry she mentioned her feet, immediately after speaking. Tossy looked at her like she had just grown two heads.   

     "What?" Tossy frowned. "I don't think so, Evie!... keep walking. Not that I don't trust or believe yaw. I'm just not in the mood to be turned into a toad. I might look like one and sound like one, but I don't want to be one. Know what I mean?"
     "Okay, but I was just trying to help. It might work, you know. Gran Muffin always says, 'Nothing beats a miss like a try'." 
      "Wait a minute," said Tossy. "Did I hear you right? You said what to your feet? You have magic hands all of a sudden, Evie Eversoule?  Since when?"
     "Evie looked coy. Sometimes I get the feeling we have a 20 second delay when we talk, Tossy. Gran Muffin says my hands cure her neck and back when 'Arthur-Arthritis' comes to call. She always asks me to rub her neck and back when she could very easily go to a chiropractor or get a massage. Evie looked at her hands then held them up. She said their healing hands."    

     "Never can't cure this. It's too painful to touch. I just hope I don't get a full blown cold sore. I feel one coming on..."  
     "What's that?"
     "A virus, my mother said - that looks like a big green buggar. It grows on your lip or the side of your nose. It hurts too - like needles and pins." Tossy moaned. If you don't know what it is, then how can you cure it? I need a permanent exorcism of my allergies, Evie Eversoule. Can you touch it so it won't come back - ever. If you promise me it won't come back you can try" Tossy moaned, again.
    Evie moaned with her. “Poor baby... said Evie patting her back. "I think so. I think I can." She warmed her hands by rubbing them together like match sticks all the way to school. She rubbed the front then the back sides. She also did some strange yoga stretching to make her fingers more limber and agile. 
     Tossy gently dabbed her nose in anticipation of excruciating pain. "Two questions first, Evie." Tossy spoke nervously as they entered the school and headed for the girls bathroom. They had less than five minutes to extract the virus and allergies from Tossy's nose. 
     "What?...what, asked Evie, you change your mind." She stopped at the bathroom door. You changing your mind Tossy, yes or no?"
     "Nope. So how long will it take for me to notice the change, and will we be late for homeroom class, again."
        "I don't know, I'm not sure yet," said Evie pushing through the door. Tossy rushed through the door after her. "One thing for sure though, you look awful. That's enough for me to convince Ms. Larson  you were sick, and I tried helping you. And that's no lie."
     "So what are you going to do first, chant or something?"
     "I'm not a witch Tossy, and I don't chant. I do this." She touched Tossy's nose very gently with the palms of her hands then covered
 her face from the nose down. Immediately, Tossy felt a warm titillating sensation penetrate her nose and throat that made her laugh and giggle.  When Evie removed her hands after less than 30 seconds, she shook them vigorously, and then washed them at the sink. "All done," said Evie, "I'll see you later. Hope you feel better." 
      "Is that it?" asked Tossy - looking disappointed. "I don't feel different. It tickled"
      " don't feel anything?" said Evie correcting her.
      "No...nothing. My nose is still sore." Tossy walked over to the mirror and looked at the reddened area on the side of her nose. "Nothing happened. Evie...nothing happened... It didn't work!" she exclaimed. 
    When Tossy turned around, Evie wasn't there. She was gone, and
 in less than a minute the late bell would ring.

* Next week around, October 20, 2011. Chapter II of "The 7th Eclipse Of Evie Eversoule".

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Interviewed: Deborah Brown, Author of "The Companion Of Lady Holmeshire"

Author Deborah Brown is riding the wave of success with her first novel, a Victorian period piece titled, The Companion Of Lady Holmeshire.
Q. How long have you been writing and mastering the romantic epoch novel?  Why Victorian?

The Companion of Lady Holmeshire is my first novel. I have always enjoyed period literature and movies. I learned much about those times from writers who lived then. When I first started to write, I did not have an exact period in mind, but as time went on and I had to discuss the things that went on around the characters, I needed to settle on a date. That was important, because things changed rapidly from decade to decade. It was important to make sure all facts matched. For example, my book discussed such things as the telegraph, the railway and paper. The details had to match one decade of time. I decided to pick the earliest part of Queen Victoria's reign with some back story into the Regency.

    Q. Will These characters become a series.

When my story concluded, the lives of the characters were fulfilled, with no need for another book about them. I had considered making it a series, but to make it as good as the first story, I would have needed to have ideas churning around in my mind like they did for the first story. That was not happening; instead, I had ideas for an entirely different book. I don't think I could do justice to a series without wonderful ideas for it.

    Q. What about detail and setting. Is it laborious.

I found it very enjoyable to study the era. In writing the story, many questions came to my mind. For example, I began to wonder about the paper that characters were using, as I did not want to describe it wrongly. As it turned out, during that decade, paper was just beginning to be made from wood! In the times that came shortly before that, it was being made from rags. I did actually make some changes in my story when I learned that. I also learned that the telegraph was very new at that time, and I was able to make a humorous situation from that fact.
      Q. What is your favorite genre, book and author? 
     I love the writing of Jane Austen and her stories of gentlemen and ladies with their polite ways.
I also love Historical fiction. It is my favorite genre. I am sure that is what I will always write, although I have to say that things do change in life. For example, Charles Dickens' stories, and especially his quirky characters and their names. And I love the Bronte sister's writing, but not so much all the tragedy. I'm afraid I cannot pick one over the other.
Thank you Deborah Brown for your insight into the Victorian era.

Coming Soon:  Indulging Your Inner Aristocrat~ British Period Novels

The Companion of Lady Holmeshire, published by World Castle Publications
Book Website:

Saturday, August 6, 2011


    "THE COMPANION OF LADY HOLMESHIRE,  alas, is a Cozy summer read.and an 
epoch, period-piece, and mystery. No longer my cup of tea... I thought Not.

 I use to be a Baroque Girl, (in high school and college) who found the minuet and woodwinds
   a charming mix. I played the flute back then. I was a romatic book reader- under the
 covers at night with a flashlight (at 10 pm) with my mother's latest novel or my own. I had a
young girls kinda of day dreams of romance and young male chilvalry. So you can imagine my delight.

  I admit it took me way back when and then some when I read this novel. I thoroughly enjoyed the male protagonist Wills Holmeshire's mindset. But the main reason I recommend  "The Companion Of Lady Holmeshire"  are the three characters who combined to drive the story, (Emma, Wills, and Lady Holmeshire). THEY ARE NOT YOUR GARDEN-VARIETY-PERIOD-PIECE -SNOBS. They all have Depth of character, and the ending is a combination of  twists, and turns, you'll enjoy - along with some unexpected surprises. 
  Deborah Brown has mastered  the genre of storytelling of  historical, romanntic, mystery epochs and can spin a yarn right down to the Engish lisp and brogue. Is she our modern day Austen? 
    For those of you who crave romantic intrigue combined with mystery, and humor - in all the right settings for all the right reasons- this is it. Reminds me of Lorna Doone in a non pioneer setting.  
Middle grade teens and tweens will love the romantic nature of  Wills Holmeshire, who speaks openly
and honestly about his true feelings without regret, then sets out to manipulate his world to make them come true.
    Emma Carrington is a humble foundling and ex-sevant raised by a squire named Carrington. She is
thrust into an upper class society that is secretive, and determined to keep her in her place. However, Lady Holmeshire is well seasoned and well versed in  upper crux society and chose Emma wisely, as her companion.. Her calm under pressure is cunning and easy.     
   Wills, is Lady Holmeshire's only child, and  his betrothal to seventeen year old desperately  seeking to get hitched, Genevieve Breyton is amusing. It's an arranged "thingy: engagement, since Wills  was
 age four - and involves money; and family estate contracts, between, Genevieve's father (Breyton)
 and Wills grandfather and uncle. According to Lady Holmeshire, Will's deceased father and she were
totally against the arrangement. That and the fact that Wills is attracted to another makes for an exciting and compelling storyline
   All and all, The Holmeshires are not a family of people pleasers. So, even though he must behave
according to his prearranged life, you get the feeling it can all change. Wills is a strategist at heart, and comfortable with himself, but he lacks insight into Genevieve, his bethrothed, personality. He decides she must be tested and exposed to the realities of life he already knows.
Genre: Victorian Romance, Middle Grade, YA, Adult

*Additional Insights: Most will assume this is a story about Emma, the companion, but its more. It is also about Wills, and removing the blinders so one can see the realities life offers, and  their are back stories
to add to the drama.
*History & Politics of the times: The sweet tooth addiction of the English for chocolates - a luxury and desire that kept the inhumane slave trade alive and thriving.

 is an August Book Of The Month, and a Read and Recommends  by Book Reviewer, Antoinette Mckain.
I read it and I recommend it.

Other Reviews are availabe at websites at and on amazon customer review
A World Castle Publishing,, ISBN 9781937085643. 
 Books can be purchased as ebooks thru, BNB, Goodreads, Amzn. ,  is Deborah Brown's website.

KidSmart Books, is a subsidiary of the KidSmartFdn. Registered (TM) KidSmart, The Children's Workshop/Craftshop, (1985). Illustrations by T.McK.(P) 2002-2011 Copyright(s) 2002-2011, GACM, Inc. Antoinette McKain,cco. Disclosure in accordance with FTC, 16 CFR, part255. All books are obtained for the sole purpose of providing a book review. All Rights Reserved.