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Monday, May 15, 2017

Smart Kids Advice: Vacation Pocket Money

                                                 Kidsmart Alert

One of the most important missions of Kidsmart is to encourage children to benefit themselves as well as others. Children like to play, and summer is fast approaching, so the first thing KSBP wants to remind you to do is to Take Care.

Take Care of yourself and be aware of your surroundings.

   Want to earn some serious  smart summer income (VPM) for smart kids?

Clean your mom or dad's home office, or a cluttered room or garage without being told or asked. Smart Kids Advice!

The second thing we want you to be aware of is ways in which you can earn an allowance that your mom and dad won't regret giving  you.

 Parents love to give their children gifts that make them smile. So YOU give a gift in turn, and I promise you, everytime you help out around the house just by making your bed or cleaning up your mom or dad's office, they will REWARD you. especially if you do it without being told.

Want to earn some serious  VPM (Vacation Pocket Money) and show some gratitude,  Clean THE HOME OFFICE, and then tell your parents that they can take what they pay you for cleaning there office and Write It Off Their Taxes.
All they have to do is open up a savings account in you name. Voila! VPM every month or every two weeks.


Take Care

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