Kidsmart Book Publishing

Kidsmart Book Publishing

KSB's Book Review Policy:

KSB's Book Review Policy:
  •  posts two reviews a month.
  • we review only child lit to young adult
  • genres are fiction,non-fiction,poetry, sci-fi, mystery,docum.,humor,nshort stories

KidSmart Books does not solicit books, book reviewers or authors for the express purpose of financial gain and doesn't charge authors, new or established, (nor do we pay book reviewers) for any book reviews posted on this blog.
In accordance with the FTC's policy #  
KidSmart books does not provide any marketing services, or promotional campaigns to authors. We invite authors to use our site for the purpose of networking and for social media exposure through Book Reviews. We feature one Book of the month author each month.

KidSmart Books is a subsidiary of KidSmart, The Children's Workshop/Craftshop (TM). Copyrights 1984-2012. Illustrations by A.McK. GACMInc. All Rights Reserved.

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