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Monday, January 30, 2012


Read his interview and views on a woman dominated genre, that is wrritten by a lot of males.

Why do you believe that children's poetry is important?

There is a very indepth and insightful interview of Poet Ken Slesarik on (children's author) David  L. Harrison's blog  at
'Ken is known for his great ear for rhyme and wry humor'

Which do you prefer rhyme or free verse; why?

Ken: I used to think if it's free and they're giving it away, it must not have value...

How much does a children's poet need to know about the ground rules of poetry; what's appropriate?

Ken: To become a better writer, you definetly need to know the rules and recognize when to break them...

What attracts Male writer's to poetry instead of fiction or non-fiction?....

When its so hard finding a publisher, how can an emerging poet get exposure and gain confidence...

Why are some males  afraid to write poetry or be considered poets - what's the stigma....

How did you know you were a poet and describe your journey.
  My Problem
 By Ken Slesarik 
I eat those healthy vegetables,                           
greens of every kind.
They keep me fit and strong                                    
in my body and my mind.
With broccoli for breakfast
and collard greens for lunch;
green peas by the handful,
and lettuce by the bunch.
You’d think with all this greenery,
my life would be just great,
a healthy glow and energy,
at an ideal weight.
It seems I found a side effect,
to say that would be fair.
I’ve got sprouts of leafy spinach,
instead of curly hair.
The doctor says I should add
more protein to my diet.
What’s to lose? Look at me.
Perhaps I need to try it. 

By Ken Slesarik

Ted the cannibalistic tick
is not so good at arithmetic.
He eats those ticks, yes quite a few,                                  
then loses count before he’s through.
It’s so uncouth to eat your kind,
but don’t tell Ted, he doesn’t mind.
Dear Ted, my pleading don’t ignore,
it’s fine to be a carnivore
but this advice it should suffice,
learn to count and switch to lice. 

                                               Copyright 2011 By Ken Slesarik
                                               All Rights Reserved

Yeti’s Promise
 Yeti made a privy promis
 between him and Sheriff Thomas.                                 
 Pledgin’ to stay out of trouble
 in lieu of costs with fines double. 
 One night, the Yeti, out from hidin,’
 tryin’ to be law abidin,’ 
 had the urge to “kick it.”  
 Root beer lead to sassafrassin’ 
 so he was cited for harassin’ 
 bystanders and pedestrians. 
 Then we mad equestrians,
 gathered guns and tawny rope
 Some read their horoscopes in hopes 
 of guidance in the thicket.  
 The search, it lingered on for days
 then somethin’ moved beyond the haze. 
 It spooked the horses and the men.
 We heard it once and then again
 In that darkness he approached us,
 then smiled and said “Buenos noches,
 how ‘bout a game of cricket,
 Not lookin’ for a fight that night
 we played cricket by the moonlight.
 The game, was too complex for us,
 and he was ambidextrous.
 We thought we were appeasin’  him,
 and no one teased him on a whim,
 yet he began to picket.
“Your promise, Yeti, that’s why we’re here
 just pay your fine, no need to fear.”
“We’ve searched and you’ve eluded us.”
“Don’t picket and be rude to us.”
 Then shots rang out, the chase was on.
 We think we hit him but he’s gone..
 and someone paid the ticket.  
Copyright 2011 By Ken Slesarik
All Rights Reserved

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