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Friday, January 29, 2016

Designing the Right Book Cover: What Does It Take ? :Goodie Gumdrops: Cover # 3 Coming Soon in 2016

 The third book cover designed for Goodie G Gumdrops consisted of all the chapters and their topics in the book. The Illustrator/Author decided to use thumbnails from different incidents in the book on how children play, all over the world. 
Take a good look.

Book Cover # 3

Cars and go-kart racing are big on this book cover, and if you look at the back jacket, you'll notice that playing on the beach is common practice for some kids.

Next month, in February, we'll line the three book covers up and  see what you think. We'll have a contest and ask kids to choose which book cover they like best, and why. The kid who gives the best answer gets a free copy of the book due out in March, in paperback or by ebook.

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