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Monday, June 11, 2012

Tattle Tales: Meet Esalt Montes, the boy lizard, and latest snoop

Q. Did you hear about the wolf who got arrested for stealing the pig?
R. No Henry, how did he get caught?
A. The pig squealed.

The Tattle Tales Newsletter
by Hedda Harper

Hello from Brazil! This is Hedda Harper.

  Did I ever tell you how I met Esalt Montes from Rio?  No not the movie. I'm talking about my compadre, the boy snoop and lizard on the team at Tattle Tales. Here he is.

   When I decided to take my first trip to the Amazon Rainforest in South America, also called the Amazon Jungle.  I had no idea who I might meet or happen onto. (Did you know 60 percent of this rainforest is in Brazil.) For sure, I didn't know what might be seen there or heard there or even smelled and tasted there.
   I'd heard that the Carnival was outstanding and the costumes were magificent, but I knew very little about the rest of Rio De Janeiro, except the primary language spoken is Spanish. Which was good, because I wanted it to be a new and exciting experience, and a total surprise.
   When I stepped off the plane, the hot, balmy, tropical breezes slapped me right in the face, like a wet heat wave, only it felt good. One thing for sure, no way was a hot sweater for the air conditioned burr of the airplane needed. So I pulled that off immediately. Underneath, I was sporting a brand new, colorful, halter top - perfect for these skin friendly weather conditions.
   The hotel was just as breezy and open as Brazil itself.  Their was an Atrium in my hotel full of tropical giant plants with green leaves the size of a newborn baby or bigger. From my hotel balcony, the Carribean Ocean splashed about and surfers rode the waves of five or six stories of water.

   Moon-doggies peppered the turquoise ocean waters like ants on a wave. What do you call those guys who jump off cliffs into the sea? Cliff Divers? They were there too.  
  But my day had already been mapped out. My itinerary had me scheduled for  my first excursion into the Amazon Rainforest, and that's where I met Esalt Montes. Right around here. Isn't that a beautiful sight. He said he was actually waitng for me to come there.

This was more than a walk in the park in Pantanal, Brazil. This is Esalt Montes' home...some of it, becaue it spans many more countries like Peru, Ecuador, and Argentina - to name a few.
   Next week, an interview, pictures and more with the latest edition of the Tattle Tales Team, Esalt Montes, the boy snoop and lizard on the wall.

Stay In Touch,
Hedda Harper

Q. Did Hedda Harper describe Brazil correctly or spell Rio De...correctly?
Q. How many countries make up this massive rainforest...?
Q. Can you name two more or tell me what familiar deadly furry creature       also resides in this rainforest?

*Answers in two weeks

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