Kidsmart Book Publishing

Kidsmart Book Publishing


The following are a list of services provided by independent contractor, Antoinette Mckain at for adult literature and for Child Literature.
Services provided are based on an hourly rate agreement, word count and page count.
Piecework and or flat fee rates are negotiable based on levels of service for adult and children's fiction.

Antoinette McKain, IC/GW/Freelancer, Book Reviewer, Editor and proof Reader/Beta Reader/ Screenwriter
  • Consulting & Marketing Services : extensive and consistent marketing of newly published books and revised books in print thru networking and social media, bulk mailings,
  • Ghostwriter: independent or collaborative ghostwriting services for incomplete manuscripts: Books and Screenplays 
         joint consultations with authors to complete a written work:  
        "flesh out" plots, character development; settings.
  • Copyediting: MS prior to submission to a publisher or
       post submission drafts and rewrites (Beta Reader)
  • Proofreading: basic reading - typos; grammar. editing
  • Exceptions: (horror, occult, paranormal)
Rates level chart

*Rates as of July 2012.
Ghostwriting or Freelance (contracted work for hire
services/ non employee.
  • All rates are negotiable based on needs or portions of a need.  Installments of a 1/3 of total contracted price is also an option.
  • Word count: 5 to 10 cents per word on novels or novellas of 40 - 60,000 word count  and 10 - 15 cents per word for novels 75 -100,000 word count.
  • The author may opt for a flat rate of  $175 - $200 per hour for screenwrites or ghostwriting a book
  • I offer special rates on children's picture Books, novellas, or novelettes.
  • Ghostwriting collaborations offering % of royalties on sales or a combination on revenues and partial credit  are always negotiable and require explicit contracts.
  • Script Doctoring of a book or manuscript is based on the degree of work and research necessary to complete the project and is usually compensated by a flat negotiated rate.