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Thursday, April 14, 2016


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 ISBN  97809851194-30

Paperback due out J├ánuary 2016 
ISBN 97809851194-168

     A war broke out in heaven around 1914, when the only true God instructed the Arch Angel Michael to cast out the “fallen ones” from amongst his myriad of angels. When the war ended, Michael had cast out one third of the disobedient angels once referred to as 'Evening Stars', who chose to disobey Jah and follow after Soretoe. They all landed in a place of dense darkness, called Tartarus, located near the rim of the earth’s crust - to await the final battle at Megiddo. Jah took away most of their powers after they brazenly mated and reproduced with humans releasing giant bullies into the world, called Nephilim. 
   Generation after generation of their male offspring grew shorter and less powerful, averaging only six to seven feet in height by the year 2077. As they assimilated into human society, more human than spirit beings, most continued to serve Soretoe and traveled back and forth from the dense darkness of Tartarus into earth’s bright, sunny atmosphere. Some, but very few, of the younger, giant immortals tried to leave and were not loyal or supportive to the fallen society. Regrettably, for them, they often disappeared, (unable to materialize), and were  never  heard from again.
 In their quest, the Nephilim brought down Nations, and cities like Jerusalem, while committing acts of persecution against the Prophets, the twelve Apostles, and Christians living in the first century. From the Egyptian Empire to the present day - Dual World Empire - they  influenced the actions of men, and they bruised Jesus in the heel. 
  So Yah caused a rainbow to appear in the sky whenever it rained or whenever he felt like it. The rainbow represented a covenant with mankind that HE would eventually do away with the Nephilim, along with Soretoe and Death. 
   Now Soretoe’s waves of terror are directed at the children of the world. Nephilim call them 'the Futures'. Day and night Soretoe searches for strong willed, innocent, Futures and the most vulnerable adventure seekers of them all. From birth to twenty-one, he pits them against one another. Soretoe wants them weakened and divided before the Nephilim, in Tartarus, face off in a spiritual battle of warfare in the field of Megiddo -- a battle they know they cannot win. 

    One day while roaming the earth and walking about in it, Soretoe encountered an overly zealous seventh grader, named Evie Eversoul - trying to do good deeds, helping her friends, and, eventually, warning the world about Nephilim. He desperately wanted to destroy Evie and all her good intentions, but Jah wouldn't let him. 
   Fully aware that Evie Eversoul was different from the average girl living in the city of Faith, Soretoe set his plans in motion to sabotage every good deed she put into play.  Evie had a gift...a gift beyond what was normal, and soon she would become Crystal Clear. On that unique day, she’d come to understand the purpose and wisdom behind her special gift and the meaning of the last and seventh eclipse.
    But for now, Evie was dealing with her looks, her wants, and her needs, in other words, me, myself, and I. Boys, the makeup thing, the bra thing, the fashion thing, and the feeling thing were what mattered in her life. She had no idea that some spirit being, called Soretoe, was always lurking around, in the shadows, watching her every move and trying to turn everything she did into a disaster.

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