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Sunday, July 17, 2011


 DART AND THE SQUIRRELS, by  Nicole S. Izmaylov. A Book of the Month pick by renowned Book Reviewer Fran

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The following are the answers to an author interview with Gaya Award Winner and author, blogger, book reviewer, illustrator; high schooler, daughter and sister to Michelle:  Nicole Sophia Izmaylov.

Magpie: This is special for me. You are our first Child-Teen Author.
   So you're an author at Future Word Publishing (http://  and are in high
 school. Nicole speaks English, Spanish, Russian, ( five languages). Her birthday is in January.
What's your favorite book, favorite subject in school and what do U want to be when you go
 off to college?
  •  My favorite kids book is Quick As A Cricket  by Audrey & Don Wood (author-illustrator).
  • My favorite subject is Espanol and or math and or lunch.
  • My future plans include being an author and biomedical engineer.
Magpie: Hobbies, have any?
Nicole  My hobbies include writing...and processing starch resources (carbohydrates). Ha! ha!
             I also read about 25 books a week.

Magpie: When did you start writing children's novels and why?
Nicole  I started writing stories at a very young age. Writing is just my ...release.

Magpie:When you're writing or eating what's your favorite food to munch on?
Nicole  My favorite food is any kind of cheese. Mm  cheese...!

Magpie: How long did it take to write the story, and how many books have you written and
published so far?
Nicole  I've written three books. I wrote Dart and the Squirrels over two months ago. May/2011
is first publication..

What is Dart and The Squirrels  about, and how did you come up with the idea?
Nicole  Dart and The Squirrels is about a dog who is forced to share his home with two squirrels
and a crazy family to boot.

What message will Dart and the Squirrels send to other children?
Nicole  It will send a message of  acceptance and family.

Magpie: Thank you so much for interviewing with us Nicole Sophia Izmaylov.

                          "DART AND THE SQUIRRELS"
The following is the synopsis review of Dart and The Squirrels  as told by Dart with some help
 from book reviewer Fran Lewis.

      Life is not easy according to one German Shepherd dog named Dart. Dealing with humans
 can be stressful, because they think that dogs do not understand (of course they're wrong) what
 they are saying. They control their movements, what they eat, and even decide when to embarrass them - by taking them to school for Show and Tell. But I am getting ahead of myself.
      I bet you're wondering whose writing this review of author Nicole Izmaylov's book,
"Dart and The Squirrels". Well, from this point on it's going to be me, DART. Who better to tell
 you the story; the hidden truth about life with this weird and zany family than the dog living it-
ME. Of course, author and book reviewer Fran Lewis has been kind enough to type it for me,
since I do not have access to a computer.
     How did this all happen? I was a dog, living at the local pound, when these five people came in looked us all over and chose me. Imagine that? After haggling and discussing it with the owner
of the pound, the sale was made, and I thought I was set free. Wrong. My first stop was the vets
 office. I know humans hate checkups - what about dogs? Next they sent me for a short stint to obedience school.
     My owner, that's the dad, didn't like the trainer, and the whole experience was totally aggravat-
ing and humiliating to me.Then they stuffed me into a car, put me in the back seat, and homeward
So how did I wind up in Charlie's classroom, and what''s up with the squirrels?'ll
have to  find out by reading Dart and The Squirrels yourself. You will not believe what happens to the
poor substitute teacher, where Charlie winds up, and the short tornado that rocked the
 community - causing a tree to fall down in our living room...
This book gets three Darts, one Emilia, and one Prince Ferdinand.
 You can read the rest of book reviewer, Fran Lewis' review at

Other customer reviews sites have very engaging comments also: at BN,  Amazon;. Goodreads offers 35 reviews, all ***** stars.

Dart and The Squirrels is available as a downloadable ebook at BNB, and Goodreads. It is also in paper back, 100 pages. First Published May 22, 2011, and on  June 1, 2011 by World Castle Publishing: ISBN 9781937085068

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