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The Tattle Tales:

The Tattle Tales a division of KidSmart (TM) Book Publishing  produces books by it's in house authors only The Seventh Eclipse Of Evie Eversoul by Magpie is the most recent book due out in the fall of 2012.
In September 2012 we will invite you to read excerpts from the soon to be published book titled The 7Th Eclipse of Evie Eversoul, Book I (in a series) by Tattle Tales .

KidSmart (TM) Books and KidSmart Book Publishing is a a subsidiary of the KidSmart, Fdn.: KidSmart The Children's Workshop/Craftshop, copyright 1985-2012. "The Tattle Tales" is a division of KSB Publishing and a bi-monthly newsletter and series by KidSmart Books. They are animated characters who write a news column about and for kids.
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