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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Reviewer Fran Lewis Book Of The Month, TUMBLEWEED FORTS by Daniel B. Ferry

Tumbleweed Forts by Daniel B Ferry is a Read and Recommends sci-fi, fantasy; book of the month, and great summer read, for children of all ages, and YA.

 Picked by top book reviewer Fran Lewis,
 "TUMBLEWEED FORTS" explores the world through Time Travel and much, more. We hope it inspires U to read and explore it's possibilities.
The following is an abbreviated synopsis of Fran's original synopsis of the book. You can read the complete synopsis on her website.

 Imagine if what you see is not what really is. What if you could travel through time in the blink of an eye - revisit your past, or flash ahead to your future and learn the secrets of life, hoping to create within yourself not only an understanding of who and what you are but others too.
     Protected by his mother keeps the planet of his family intact and aligned. She realizes Joshuas  desire for adventure and exploration, and his ability to disappear at will, and  the fact it needed nurturing. Still she allows him to explore it one more inevitable time.

Imagine learning the lessons of life from an angel or vision.
     Imagine leaving a desert world filled with armies; creatures that Joshua could defeat, and living among "The Clan of Desert Warriors" that he belonged to only to find himself going on a one time journey back in time. He sees himself as he  travels through time, almost like an outer body experience into other dimensions and different worlds.

Tumbleweeds don't grow near other plants or where the ground has been disturbed. Creating a tumbleweed fort is an art form, and the creation of these forts for children of the desert as depicted in this novella was nothing new. Children, as the author calls the knights, created the forts. Describing the construction and purpose was fascinating and sets the stage for our adventure.
  By changing dimensions; the boy Joshua, leaves the protection of his parents and his home, Joshua goes in search of his Tumbleweed Fort.  Before his family is forced to leave, and move to yet another world, kingdom, and life.
      In his travels, Joshua meets Zaleen, our guide. Zaleen is not what she seems, but I think everyone could use a companion like Zaleen in their life. Zaleen is our narrator and Joshua's protective friend. She points out dangers that keeps him centered and focused. Realities are quite different in each dimension Joshua enters, but the dangers are real. So he must find solutions for dealing with the Durs. Will the Durs capture them both, or will they remain together, traveling in the different dimensions eternally?
     What would you do if the only way to understand others was to read their minds and thoughts?
Take the journey  with Joshua into his past, present, and future. Let Zaleen guide you through the forests, the waterfalls, the mountains, visions of gray, and the many other places Joshua visits. You decide what kind of world you want to live in, and what us humans still need to learn. As he visits
 many places,  he learns much more. Just how this all comes together, you will have to read for yourself, and take a trip to the Tumbleweed Forts.
Author Daniel Brian Ferry gives the reader much pause for thought. This is a great book for kids and adults to read.
Fran Lewis - Book Reviewer,  (for the complete synopsis)

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