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Monday, June 6, 2011

Lorna Doone, Book Reviewer's Reads and Recommends: Book Of The Month

June1, 2011

Greetings to all from Magpie,

We have a Plan.

      This month not only will we feature a classic geared towards, middle grades and YA, titled Lorna Doone, we will also feature 3 new or established author's. The Book Reviewer's  Reads and Recommends - Book of the Month is a new approach for us to get the word out There will be four authors per month, chosen by top book reviewers for the summer. The genre is either YA, middle grades or children.
Each week we'll invite a book reviewer to pick her favorite young adult, middle grade, or children's book from new authors out and about in our literary and social networking  community. This will allow parents and kids of all ages to get alternative ideas on good reads from authors you may not know yet or "newbies" as we call them (newly published authors) of all genre's and we'll get profiles of these authors.

Review Policy

Our review policy states, that we are not reviewing certain genre's on this blog.
KidSmart Books is not inviting reviews on adult novels; occult/paranormal, related to demonism, blood and guts, werewolves,  spiritism, zombies and vampires. Otherwise, the possibilities are endless.

Hopefully the books and storytelling are both, spirit enhancing and teach children to develop integrity and character, against all odds or some kind of lesson about life, coming of age, overcoming adversity,  and interacting with others through wholesome communications.
    Mystery, fantasy, sci-fi, non fiction, historical, documentary, humor, animated - graphics,
 romance and poetry to name a few.

Thank U for your support and following, and we hope that children and young adults benefit from the fine works of literature we present on this blog.

                                                          Lorna Doone
                                          a novel by Richard D. Blackmore,

      The copyright is 1869 and it is a YA, romance, work of fiction based on a group of historical characters from the 17th century. The setting is Exmoor, in London, England around either towns in Devon or Somerset.
     The author had difficulties finding a publisher, and so he published the book anonymously (Indie Style) with 500 copies (print on demand). Only three hundred copies sold that year. Then, the following year, 1870, the book was picked up by a publisher, Sampson Low & Son, Marston and revised from a 3-volume book, to a single novel (2,168 word count) with much success. The original has many illustrations. The book has never been out of print since it's first publication in 1869.

That's what I'm talking about!

take care, (as we bring U excerpts from this classic book, Lorna Doone.


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