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Monday, December 19, 2011


"Poetry For The Soul"  CELEBRATE   Poet Joy Acey

by Joy Acey
I'd like to travel to the moon
in a blue canoe.
I'd paddle on the milky way         
that's just what I would do.
I'd mail you home post cards
to show you where I'd been.
I'll ask you to try paddling
when I come again.


by Joy Acey

Doctor, Doctor                                                   
Please come quick.
My toes won't wiggle                            
I think I'm sick.
Doctor comes
Looks at my toes.
Says, “Lop them off.”
And away he goes.

Doctor, Doctor
Please come, I beg.
I think I may                                  
Have broken my leg.

Doctor comes
Looks at my leg,
Says, “Lop it off,
We'll give you a peg.”

Doctor, Doctor                                
Don't mean to whine,
But I think I may
Have broken my spine.
Doctor comes.
Looks at my spine.
Says, “Lop it off,
Then all will be fine.”                        

Doctor, Doctor.
I'm sick in bed.
I think I may
Have broken my head.
Doctor comes,
Looks at my head.
Says, “Lop it off.”
And now I'm dead.

       There are many shared beliefs about  poetry that are far from the truth and don't ring true.
Boys think poetry is better suited for girls, like math and history is easier to comprehend by boys than girls
That's not true either. Walt Whitman where are you?

      The first time I read  I Rise by Maya Angelou,  I immediately thought of basketball and Michael Jordan's Air Nikes. I also read altitude and Attitude into it.

Another myth about poetry is it's hard to understand especially non rhyming verse, and it's hard to write.
 Good prose is deep prose, be it fiction or poetry,  because ultimately it is the telling of a tale, of history, of characters, and it has meaning.
       Poetry is an art form that is also found in the Bible : Song Of Solomon a young Jewish girls commitment to her one  true love, and  the author is  male, King Solomon.
The book of Psalms by King David is also the largest book in the Bible, and  all verse. It is a poetic celebration of  discovery and  praise of  Gods love -- through music.
So, open up your mind and your heart to receive the pearl from the oyster. 

 Poetry comes to us in many ways, as a lesson or just  for fun. It's a song with ideas and possibilities. Sometimes it rhymes and sometimes it doesn't
 It's an adventure with a story to tell. Its an ODE to a lesson, but most of all it is a talent that few possess because not enough of us seek to find it in ourselves.        CELEBRATE THE POET.


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  1. I enjoyed reading Joy's poems paired with imaginative illustrations. Thanks for spotlighting both.

    Linda A.