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Monday, March 21, 2011

Br'er Rabbit and The Tar Baby III

A Sticky Situation!
Greetings from Magpie!

Griots are Afrikkan story tellers that retain large amounts of information, in there memory, and pass it down from generation to generation in their tribes. They also tell stories as 'food for thought' great stories, jokes and lessons to learn. They can represent the family history of  one tribe, or travel from country to country telling stories to many.
Greetings from Magpie!

    When I spoke to U last week we were missing two of my friends who love folktales, Cloudy and Rain. They were out looking for their pet Rolo, who was hiding in our library all the time. Finally, Cloudy showed up, and we're waiting on Rain. Cloudy assures me Rain is not far away, so why don't U get comfortable so I can tell you part three of the folktale about Br'er Rabbit and the Tar Baby, by Uncle Remus.

     Rain is in the house, and we can get started boys and girls.
     When we left Br'er Rabbit, he had given up on trying to make friends with Tar Baby after trying all day. Even though Red Fox told him to keep trying he became discouraged. Br'er Rabbit decided he'd had enough. So he hopped back to his rabbit hole to think about what to do next. He stayed up late too. On one hand Tommy Turtle told him to be patient and to leave the Tar Baby alone. He even told him to mind his own beeswax.  Remember?
     But Br'er Rabbit wouldn' t listen. Instead, he took Red Fox's advice and kept pestering the Tar Baby until he was so exhausted he had to hop home in defeat and frustration..
     Poor Br'er Rabbit looked tired too and stayed up all night trying to figure out what to do next. Around 2 o'clock in the morning, after dozing off and yawning fifteen times or more, he decided to take Red Fox's advice, and try just one more time to make friends with the Tar Baby. Even going against his better judgement earlier to leave him alone.
     Since he also wanted him to speak, he promised himself to be patient and not to lose his cool. Once he'd made up his mind, Br'er Rabbit fell into bed and went fast to sleep. He dreamed a beautiful dream about 'the fruits of the spirit,' and how those fruits made animals better creatures. Love, joy, kindness, peace, and self control would make him a better rabbit - if he applied himself. Those fruits were the qualities the COBB, creator of birds, beast and bugs, put in all his creatures.
    The next morning Br'er Rabbit  had breakfast, and then headed straight for the location near the big rock with a great view of the far off  moss covered mountains. He promised himself all the way
there to be mild tempered and patient. He promised himself not to try and force the Tar Baby to do anything. Br'er Rabbit felt proud of himself, and was sure that today he 'd be successful .
   When Br'er Rabbit arrived at the sight, the Tar Baby wasn't looking at the beautiful moss covered mountains. The Tar Baby was looking straight at him - with his arms extended, and a big smile on his face. "Hello," said Br'er Rabbit."You look like you slept well last night. How are you today?" he asked.  
     But the Tar Baby didn't answer him. So Br'er Rabbit comes closer to him. "I said you look like U slept well. Did you?" asked Br'er Rabbit again. As for me, I was up half the night trying to figure U out."
     Tar Baby still doesn't answer. Growing blindingly angry with his refusal to speak, Br'er Rabbit grabs Tar Baby's  extended hands and immediately sticks to them. The more he tries to break free from the Tar Baby's grip, the more he sticks to him. "Release me  at once," cried Br'er Rabbit angrily. "I have shown you nothing but kindness, and this is the way you treat me."                                       

When the Tar Baby  doesn't release him and continues to smile, but says nothing, Br'er Rabbit grows  regretfully angrier. He starts shaking the Tar Baby violently. "I demand you let me go immediately," shouts Br'er Rabbit.
     When the Tar Baby doesn't reply, Br'er Rabbit takes his feet and plants them on the Tar Baby's legs for leverage. Then he tries to pull away from the Tar Baby with his feet and then his hands and then his feet, again. Now he is really  good and stuck. His feet and hands  are deeply embedded into the Tar Baby.
     Br'er Rabbit cries out. "Oh please help me! Won't someone help me free myself from this Tar Baby! "
       Red Fox, who had been hiding behind a tree watching, and also Mr. Bear, come to Br'er Rabbits aid.  Or do they?  "My, my my," says Red Fox slyly. It looks like our sociable friend, Br'er Rabbit, finds himself in a sticky situation, hey Mr. Bear?"
       Mr. Bear licked the honey off his paw, narrowed his wide eyes, and starred at Br'er Rabbit deceitfully. "A good sticky situation for us, and a bad sticky situation for him, Mr. Fox. Looks like dinner to me."
     "Oh, no," said Red Fox. " Br'er Rabbit is much too amusing. Eating him would not be nearly as good or as much fun, as watching him get unstuck from the Tar Baby. Besides I'm not very hungry right now."
    Mr. Bear moves closer to the trapped, prisoner rabbit and whispers in his ear," Let that be a lesson to you, Br'er Rabbit, exclaimed Mr. Bear - with his hot bear breath. "Because if I had  it my way, you'd be lunch."
     "Oh, woe is me," exclaimed Br'er Rabbit. I wish I had listened to Tommy Turtle, or even myself and left this Tar Baby alone."
     "You know your right, Mr. Fox. You are such a clever trickster," said Mr. Bear, as they left the scene. "We have not stopped laughing since that Br'er Rabbit first set eyes on the Tar Baby."
    "Watching Br'er Rabbit try to make friends with a Tar Baby was a hoot," said Red Fox. "I thoroughly enjoyed every moment."
      As Br'er Rabbit struggled to break free and the day went by, he began to realize what a dangerous situation he was in. "Oh, my," said Br'er Rabbit, "I should have left the Tar Baby alone. I could have been eaten by Red Fox and Mr. Bear."
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