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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Interviewed: Deborah Brown, Author of "The Companion Of Lady Holmeshire"

Author Deborah Brown is riding the wave of success with her first novel, a Victorian period piece titled, The Companion Of Lady Holmeshire.
Q. How long have you been writing and mastering the romantic epoch novel?  Why Victorian?

The Companion of Lady Holmeshire is my first novel. I have always enjoyed period literature and movies. I learned much about those times from writers who lived then. When I first started to write, I did not have an exact period in mind, but as time went on and I had to discuss the things that went on around the characters, I needed to settle on a date. That was important, because things changed rapidly from decade to decade. It was important to make sure all facts matched. For example, my book discussed such things as the telegraph, the railway and paper. The details had to match one decade of time. I decided to pick the earliest part of Queen Victoria's reign with some back story into the Regency.

    Q. Will These characters become a series.

When my story concluded, the lives of the characters were fulfilled, with no need for another book about them. I had considered making it a series, but to make it as good as the first story, I would have needed to have ideas churning around in my mind like they did for the first story. That was not happening; instead, I had ideas for an entirely different book. I don't think I could do justice to a series without wonderful ideas for it.

    Q. What about detail and setting. Is it laborious.

I found it very enjoyable to study the era. In writing the story, many questions came to my mind. For example, I began to wonder about the paper that characters were using, as I did not want to describe it wrongly. As it turned out, during that decade, paper was just beginning to be made from wood! In the times that came shortly before that, it was being made from rags. I did actually make some changes in my story when I learned that. I also learned that the telegraph was very new at that time, and I was able to make a humorous situation from that fact.
      Q. What is your favorite genre, book and author? 
     I love the writing of Jane Austen and her stories of gentlemen and ladies with their polite ways.
I also love Historical fiction. It is my favorite genre. I am sure that is what I will always write, although I have to say that things do change in life. For example, Charles Dickens' stories, and especially his quirky characters and their names. And I love the Bronte sister's writing, but not so much all the tragedy. I'm afraid I cannot pick one over the other.
Thank you Deborah Brown for your insight into the Victorian era.

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The Companion of Lady Holmeshire, published by World Castle Publications
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