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Saturday, October 1, 2011




                 Doing The Righteous Thing

     When the war in heaven ended God instructed the Archangel Michael to cast out 1/3rd of his myriad of angels who chose to disobey Him and follow after Satan. They were thrown down to a  place called Tartarus near the rim of the earths crust.Woe to the earth!
      By then Satan had told the first lie, destroyed Paradise on earth for humans, tested Job (unmercifully) and wiped out his family. He’d filled the earth with bully giants called Nephilims ( during Noah’s day), participated in the brutal death of Jesus Christ (a non fatal symbolic bruising in the heal), committed acts of persecution against the Prophets, Israelites, and first century Christians from the Egyptian to the Roman Empire - eventually 7 different Empires in all would be affected.
     Oh yes, around 320 AD, Satan convinced a group of 50 Bishops from the Nicaea
Council - under Constantine (the first Christian Roman Emperor) - to confuse everybody and introduce a belief in the Trinity. In all, 7 major acts of disobedience directed  toward God, were committed before the 7th and final empire was established. The one made up of a dual world empire depicted as a beast with two heads.
    Alas, jealous, disobedient Satan and his demonic reign of terror would end when he was finally bruised in the head - a fatal wound - and only God knew when that would occur. Good Riddance!
      In the meantime, Satan set his sites on a young girl named Evie Eversoule who tried to be a  'do gooder'. He'd told his demon followers to search out and eclipse (block) anyone attempting to act like a Christian should. "Lie on them 7 times, steal their property and ID, hack their computers, tap their phones; destroy their good names , tell people their crazy, lie on them, stalk them."
     Satan practiced his wave of terror on humans day and night before he stumbled upon overly zealous, goody-two shoes, Evie Eversoule. Because she was different than the average bear living
in the city of Faith, she stuck out like a sore thumb. She woke up every morning with one thing on her mind: 'to do the righteous thing'.  There was also the fact that Evie had a special gift and a desire beyond what was normal, and that caused Satan to want to eclipse her every chance he got.

Chapter I

Healing Hands 

    Popular and fiercely independent, thanks to her dad and Gran Muffin’s influence, Evie Eversoule was not your typical Christian.
In fact, she wasn’t even a Christian yet, but she was in search of the truth - whatever that was. At twelve years of age, if she had been a Jewish girl or boy, like her buddy Rivcah, it would have been her bar or bat mitzvah. Only, she wasn’t Jewish, either. She was a black girl with slanted eyes, nice full lips, thick black brows, and golden chocolate skin with a hint of natural rouge on her cheeks. Some people thought she looked Chinese a little - a paternal inheritance
 that caused her much unwanted attention.
       Before she left for school on Monday morning Evie looked down at her size seven red suede shoes and told her older sister
Simone, “You know I like wearing a size seven shoe. It’s perfect for me. They even make my legs look bigger. I hate my legs though, they're so skinny - especially my ankles. I hope my feet never grow another inch. I don’t want to look like 'boat feet Betty' with skinny legs and big feet. Know what I mean?”
     "I don't think you have skinny legs. Certainly not," said Simone  smiling cheerfully. "Besides you’re still growing, Evie. Give your legs a chance to develop. After all, your just blossoming and filling out at this stage in your life. She looked down at Evie's petite feet. “They probably won’t stay a size seven you know, and who in the world is 'boat feet Betty'? I don’t think I ever heard you mention her before.”

  “Then I’ll just have to will them not to grow any bigger.” said Evie sighing. “I’m perfectly satisfied with them this size.” She pulled 
her socks off and stared down at her lotioned down nicely shaped feet and burgundy polished toenails and focused. “Feet, you will not grow any larger,” she said, adamantly. "I forbid it!" She stared intently at them until her toes curled. “But, if you must grow than only a quarter inch more. Not past seven and a half inches, okay? Please! I like this shoe size, and it’s perfect for me.” She added an "Amen" and put her socks back on. 
     Simone laughed as she sipped her chocolate. “Evie, you’re such
a comedian. I don’t know what to say about you. Such a sense of humor. My goodness."
     “I’m not trying to be funny, Simone. I meant it.” said Evie emphatically.
     “Yeah, I’m sure you do" said Simone. Just don’t expect it not
to happen."   
    “But I do expect it not to happen,” said Evie. "Otherwise I
wouldn’t have made it a command."
     Evie scowled like only Evie could. She dipped the spoon into the oatmeal and scooped up a blob of it. "Whoever thought of eating
 this stuff was sick-o. It’s awful, bland, thick, and no taste."    
    "It's suppose to be good for you." said Simone.
    " Really! I don't know why...who said so?" countered Evie.

    “That’s my girl,” said Gran Muffin standing behind her. Evie always thought Gran Muffin seemed to float in and out of a room like lavender - fragranced air"Don’t just settle for anything. When you want change make it happen…"  She stood there smiling in her purple-fuscia jogging suit. “Believe it will happen and it will!. Take care of your feet, Evie, and they will take care of you, baby. When the buses, trains, and planes aren’t running…your feet will take you there. That’s my motto." She raised her support stockinette leg to reveal her Easy Sprint Sneakers for seniors. "I’m dressed for success girlfriend,” she announced.
     “Breakfast Gran Muffin?" asked Simone - raising a plate of raisin toast, We were discussing oatmeal, Gran Muffin. I thought you were going to jaunt after your doctors visit?"
    Gran Muffin waved her hand over the plate as if she would cause it to disappear. She smiled angelically and skipped out the door. “I’ll eat it later. I need to get the kinks out first. I feel vibrant and alive today, and I want to soar!"
     “Gran Muffin always inspires me,” said Evie smiling and turning to face Simone. She said the average human only uses 25-30% of their brain. She says we miss out on so much when we limit our-selves and don't explore the possibilities. She thinks right brain people...”

     “Don't tell me anymore, Evie!" Simone threw her hands up and looked away. "Yes, she says a lot, and has an opinion about everything. I
say eat your oatmeal, and don’t be late for a very important date." She pointed at the wall clock. "Homeroom class starts in thirty minutes Evie. Get a move on.”
     Simone’s familiar frown said it all. Sometimes the freckles on her face and arms would even rise up off her skin like chilly bumps. Her and Gran Muffin had issues. Evie also,thought perhaps Simone was jealous of her deep affection for Gran Muffin, too. They were practically number one fans of each other.
     “So what’s wrong with that?” asked Evie defensively. Look at
 her she's in tip-top shape for her age.”
     “Gran Muffin has always been in tip-top shape for her age Evie, but that’s not what I’m talking about. Besides, you don’t have time
to hear it.” Simone pointed at the clock, again.
     “Yes I know… but why so defensive when Gran Muffin comes up?
 I 'm sick of...”
     “Not defensive," said Simone interrupting. "Just that, you think her words are golden, and everything she does is inspired of God. She
is not the saint you think she is. I know..." Her words trailed off.
     “Oh yeah, well you are defensive…wait a minute…what are you talking about, Simone? Everything is such a mystery with you...secrets...hush-hush!”
     “Get your shoes on and move it young lady. We can discuss her later. The frown turned into a bigger frown, and three severe lines creased Simone’s forehead. Evie felt there was definitely a toxic 
issue between Simone, and Gran Muffin, but whenever Evie tried to get to the bottom of it - Gran Muffin went mute, and Simone pushed the exit button.
   Evie darted up the steps to check out her hair and lipstick before
she left for school. She especially liked her image in her bedroom mirror. She didn’t look as good in the bathroom mirror at school, she thought. That mirror was cloudy and permanently smeared from too much hair spray, sweaty hands, and makeup splatter. She could see her whole body in her bedroom mirror.
     When Evie turned twelve, her dress size was also a 7, and
she was 5 feet 7 inches tall. Perfect for her and nothing needed to change as far as she was concerned. She smiled back at her image. "Thank you very much," she said out loud. “I’ll keep these dimensions, no need to grow me any taller, or change my dress size. By the way God, I wouldn't object to you turning theses lemons into grapefruits...if you know what I mean - but thy will be done on that one.”
 She waved at herself, and smiled widely to check her teeth for oatmeal residue. It occurred to her that maybe she over did it again, and used too much mascara when  Simone wasn't watching, because now she looked like an owl with smeared eye shadow. "Maybe she ought to take some of it off, but she was late.
     The girl in the mirror who smiled back at her looked a lot older than twelve, and was not her spitting image. Infact, when she waved back at herself, the girl in the mirrors arm was a lot higher than Evies. She didn't have time to question it or even fear it, and she decided she wouldn't look back like Lot's wife did and turn into a pillar of salt or something. She just hoped she could make it out of the house before Simone came out of the kitchen. She took off down the stairs. A biology lover, Evie's favorite subjects were English, Biology and lunch.
     “Have a great day,” called Simone from the kitchen.
     “Ditto,” called Evie as she burst through the screen door onto the front porch with her back pack. “Boy it’s humid, no need for a sweater, and
summer isn’t over yet. Yeah!” she screeched - as she tossed her sweater onto the front porch swing. She bounced down the 7 steps on her toes and crossed the street at the corner of Hope Avenue, just as her second BFF, Tossy Wortham, stumbled out her front door.
     “Look at my nose, would yaw.” Tossy had sniffles, sounded like a crow, and kept
 sucking up snot from her nasal passages and gurgling. She spit it out in the lawn. "I'm ruined. It’s all red and swollen and my eyes keep tearing. I look like the 'Bad-year Blimp'.”
     “It looks like it weighs a ton, red, swollen. Does it hurt?” asked Evie - reaching
to touch her nose. What's that on the side of your nose? Looks green."
     “No-o-o! Don’t touch it,” squealed Tossy. "It’s sore as can be.
As soon as the rains come and the leaves start to fall and decay on the ground, my allergies kick right in. Misery is my middle name
 until winter comes.” She sighed then sneezed a thick blob of mucous-goo into a wad of tissues.
      "Maybe I can cure you," said Evie moving closer. "If I lay my hands on it. Today, I even forbid my... my feet to grow any bigger."
     Evie was sorry she mentioned her feet, immediately after speaking. Tossy looked at her like she had just grown two heads.   

     "What?" Tossy frowned. "I don't think so, Evie!... keep walking. Not that I don't trust or believe yaw. I'm just not in the mood to be turned into a toad. I might look like one and sound like one, but I don't want to be one. Know what I mean?"
     "Okay, but I was just trying to help. It might work, you know. Gran Muffin always says, 'Nothing beats a miss like a try'." 
      "Wait a minute," said Tossy. "Did I hear you right? You said what to your feet? You have magic hands all of a sudden, Evie Eversoule?  Since when?"
     "Evie looked coy. Sometimes I get the feeling we have a 20 second delay when we talk, Tossy. Gran Muffin says my hands cure her neck and back when 'Arthur-Arthritis' comes to call. She always asks me to rub her neck and back when she could very easily go to a chiropractor or get a massage. Evie looked at her hands then held them up. She said their healing hands."    

     "Never can't cure this. It's too painful to touch. I just hope I don't get a full blown cold sore. I feel one coming on..."  
     "What's that?"
     "A virus, my mother said - that looks like a big green buggar. It grows on your lip or the side of your nose. It hurts too - like needles and pins." Tossy moaned. If you don't know what it is, then how can you cure it? I need a permanent exorcism of my allergies, Evie Eversoule. Can you touch it so it won't come back - ever. If you promise me it won't come back you can try" Tossy moaned, again.
    Evie moaned with her. “Poor baby... said Evie patting her back. "I think so. I think I can." She warmed her hands by rubbing them together like match sticks all the way to school. She rubbed the front then the back sides. She also did some strange yoga stretching to make her fingers more limber and agile. 
     Tossy gently dabbed her nose in anticipation of excruciating pain. "Two questions first, Evie." Tossy spoke nervously as they entered the school and headed for the girls bathroom. They had less than five minutes to extract the virus and allergies from Tossy's nose. 
     "What?...what, asked Evie, you change your mind." She stopped at the bathroom door. You changing your mind Tossy, yes or no?"
     "Nope. So how long will it take for me to notice the change, and will we be late for homeroom class, again."
        "I don't know, I'm not sure yet," said Evie pushing through the door. Tossy rushed through the door after her. "One thing for sure though, you look awful. That's enough for me to convince Ms. Larson  you were sick, and I tried helping you. And that's no lie."
     "So what are you going to do first, chant or something?"
     "I'm not a witch Tossy, and I don't chant. I do this." She touched Tossy's nose very gently with the palms of her hands then covered
 her face from the nose down. Immediately, Tossy felt a warm titillating sensation penetrate her nose and throat that made her laugh and giggle.  When Evie removed her hands after less than 30 seconds, she shook them vigorously, and then washed them at the sink. "All done," said Evie, "I'll see you later. Hope you feel better." 
      "Is that it?" asked Tossy - looking disappointed. "I don't feel different. It tickled"
      " don't feel anything?" said Evie correcting her.
      "No...nothing. My nose is still sore." Tossy walked over to the mirror and looked at the reddened area on the side of her nose. "Nothing happened. Evie...nothing happened... It didn't work!" she exclaimed. 
    When Tossy turned around, Evie wasn't there. She was gone, and
 in less than a minute the late bell would ring.

* Next week around, October 20, 2011. Chapter II of "The 7th Eclipse Of Evie Eversoule".

See YouThere.

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