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Friday, September 11, 2015

A - OK GO KART RACING. A Great Start for 2016 : Our Next Big Thing.

   The best-laid plans of mice and men are the ones you see just over the horizon. They are the ones you've been planning on  sometimes for years. You wonder what you must do to bring them to the forefront, and you decide the best way to handle this huge project is to first write about it. Next, you make sure everything's in place and then launch.
   Show people some pictures and really pump them up in expectation of a new and fantastic dream of yours that you hope they will share with you.
  Our Animal Object Karts, aka  (A-OK) Go-Karts are our next big thing in 2016.
Below is one prototype we designed four years ago. You should see how things have changed since then.
GO - KartRacing

Safety Is Always a Priority, so before you can race you have to be educated. KSBP would like to educate you on the in's and out and best practices for Go Kart racing. Our book" Animal Object Kars" is due out in 2016, but we will also recommend some great books, we like and recommend, that teach you to be the best Go-Kart Racer in your city or state -- and All Over The World.

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