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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Nick's Very First Day of Baseball

When a television sportscaster asked Babe Ruth how it felt to be struck out, Babe Ruth said, 'It makes me want to hit more Home-Runs'.

    About  a week ago I read a children's book about baseball. This was the first baseball, instructional book I'd ever read. The book was written by a baseball coach, turned author,  named +Kevin Christofora. The title of the book is  "Nick's Very First Day of Baseball." The book was written for children between the ages of three  and seven (3-7). I call that age group, the "Sponges" because they absorb everything and want to know everything, ASAP and right now.

    But  Coach Kevin, a seasoned  coach and smart author, gave the Sponges a lesson in baseball. Take a deep breath, watch the (instructional) ball in the corner, have fun, and learn a thing or two, simply. It takes years to become a Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, Mickey Mantel or a Jackie Robinson.

    Consequently, the book was simple, fresh, and good for all our young readers: nephews, nieces, son's, daughters, and grandchildren. It touched all the bases, and anyone who has a kid who wants to play baseball, will buy this  book because it works and does everything it's suppose to do for the Sponges -- right now and ASAP. And there's another little plus to this book, Meet Billy Ball who helps you to understand the game of baseball. It's makes for a great fun and informative gift for a kid and there's more in the series to come.

Book two is titled "Magic Bat Day" and the team has an equal mix of boys and girls, if you know what I mean. Both books are out there, and they teach at a very regulated pace.Get It!

I predict Coach Kevin will be hitting more home runs with his kid friendly, Hometown All Stars Series that shows kids how to play the game by having fun, being a team, and learning the game without being preachy or preached to..

***** Five stars for the Hometown All Stars Series by Kevin Christofora
A picture  book, 32 pages. ISBN :  97809863493-0-0, 

Toni McKain, Book Reviewer

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